THE BOOK OF GENESIS!The beginning!

God is the Sovereign One.
The book falls into two main parts.
Cpt 1-11. We have the first part where we have four outstanding events.

1. The Creation.

2. The Flood.

3.  The Fall.

4.  The Babel Dispersion.

The second part we meet four outstanding persons.

1. Abraham.

2. . Isaac

3. Jacob.

4. Joseph.

It is fashionable today to disbelieve miracles.
If you accept this first sentence of Scripture then you won’t find it difficult to accept all the miracles that follow. The first verse in Genesis 1:1 denies all the false philosophies which man put forth.

This denies Atheism.”There is no God.”

That denies Polytheism..with the doctrine of “there are many Gods.”

That denies Evolution with its doctrine of infinite evolving.

“IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED.” That denies Fatalism with its Doctrine of Chance.

“GOD CREATED HEAVEN AND EARTH” That denies Pantheism which makes God and the Universe the same substance.

That denies Materialism which matter is eternal.
This first verse erases all humanistic error.
In the creation we have the Will of God..expressed in the Word of God and the Spirit of God!
Now God creates man in which we see that he is the Crown of all Creation. Made from the ground yet he is inbreathed by God who is”The breath of Lives”
His littleness becomes Loftiness .
His earthliness becomes his Heavenliness.

Next we see in verses 15-17.

Man is under probation (testing of a person’s character  and conduct) In verses 18-25 God had given Adam the ability  to vocally speak. God told him to name all the animals to meet a deeper need of companionship for Adam but none was found.
So God created Eve to meet this special need. Here we have the first marriage bliss in the Garden of Eden.

God created man for His glory.

This brought heart satisfaction for Adam.
Now we see the man as a Servant, the King and the Husband.This was God’s ideal, but sadly to say things dramatically change in the next chapters.

God created man for His own glory. We are his crowning Glory. The epetime of His creation.We are fearfully and wonderfully made!

His works are marvellous. Have a look at this awesome scripture in, Psl 139:14.”I will praise you: for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvellous are your works; and my soul really knows that this is right.”

When you looked into your mirror last time, how did you react.What did you think? How about when someone complimented you,what was your reply? Was it positive or negative?..Dare I ask!

God knew who your parents would be and how your grand parents would look and your great grandparents before them.

You may not like what you see in the mirror or believe what they say about you that is complimentary. God sees you as His Masterpiece and has a wonderful plan for your life.

You are a miracle of creation and when you surrender all that your are over to Christ.

He will mightily use you to fulfil the very purpose for which He made you. Dont be disappointed how you turned out. When Jesus comes back to this earth…

You will be the twinkling of an eye!

Also you will be presented to Him without spot or wrinkle or any such thing.



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  1. The Beginning -how can we fully comprehend it all…
    Lord, allow us to know you as much as possible with our human minds…

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