THE BOOK OF GENESIS. Eve’s Temptation!


How did the first sin enter in?That sin with all its consequences is plain for all to see.
The explanation is found in Genesis cpt 3 where it all happens.





First lets notice that temptation was permitted. Man had a mind and a will of his own to make choices, right or wrong, The real tragedy is that there was a “tempter.”

In cpt 2:17 man was put under probation, which made him liable to temptation. Mark that, only the tempter could tempt.
There “need not” to have been sin and there had been not been any reason for Eve to heed.

Eve was on her own when tempted, this is Satan’s common method. Notice that the temptation was connected with the beautiful, the desirous and it’s real character was concealed. There was a gradual strength of temptation…
First .. God’s Word is” merely questioned.” verse1.

Read it carefully and take note.
Second .. Gods Word was .. flatly contradicted.”
Then as the tempted one foolishly continues to listen, the very motive of the Lord is maligned. verse 5.

As for the yielding, in verse six, we see that Satan first captured the “ear,” then the “eye.”
and then the “inward desire,” and finally the “will.”
Eve allowed her ears to listen to the tempter then she set her eyes to feed on the object of temptation.
Then she allowed desire to run away with her will.

Compare verse 6 with 1John 2:16.
When the woman “saw” that the tree was “good for food.” We call this, the lust of the Flesh!
And it was “pleasing” to the eyes ..
The lust of the Eyes!
And it was a tree to make a person “wise” The Pride of Life.

This first TEMPTATION and all temptations following are Satan’s great purpose to divorce the “will” of man from the “will” of God.

You need to notice that God made it easy as possible to resist the temptation. Both Adam and Eve had been forewarned of the very thing Satan sought to make them do. It was emphatic and their obedience was imperative. DON’T TOUCH!
Why? God had surrounded them with everything they desired!
The command was plain!
Obedience was easy.
Finally it is well to compare the Genesis account of yielding with what he is doing today.
Satan is alive and well and still trying to beguile you and me, to set us up to sin against the Word of the Lord.

We have also been forewarned by God, “Don’t give place to the devil. “We must
“Resist the devil and he will flee from us. “You do “not” have to yield his deception and lies.

Read 1Tim 2 :14 Eve was deceived, Adam made a clear choice!
Oh, be so careful of the Evil one, he will deceive you into thinking that it’s alright with God to commit sin.

People have said to me “God understands” “That’s why we live together” Do you pray “Lord, bless me as I rob this Bank!” Of course you wouldn’t!

God does not understand sin at all..
He Hates Sin! He commands “Do not commit Adultery.” “Do not steal.” Satan is a liar and was from the beginning. He has a way to make things “seem right” yet are so-oo…Wrong!!


Keep your conscience clear and void of offence, you will not have trouble sleeping, nor have to live with Shame!


11 thoughts on “THE BOOK OF GENESIS. Eve’s Temptation!

  1. Another great post Heather on God’s Word & how it is still applicable for us today.
    We really do need to be alert to our wily enemy & his tactics! I love your following statement;
    “YOU MUST LIVE BY THE TRUTH..Then you will be Safe, JESUS IS THE TRUTH!!” Amen!
    Bless you sweet friend,

      1. God will use us mightily as we fret not! and fully trust in Him to work in us and through us. Loved your last blog.l had one of those nights last night.l think l had overdone the screen!! Bless you.

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