THE BOOK OF GENESIS! The Seed of Hope.

“THE FALL.”Cont..THE RESULTS of the FAll. Satan had told Eve that their eyes would be opened and they would know “both good and evil”
It happened!
What an eye opener!
What a knowing!
They knew they were naked!
There was no more innocence!
They experienced Shame!
They tried to cover themselves with fig leaf coverings! Change occured in the human body. It could have been..the beginning of physical ageing..mortality..sickness and disease..
As terrible as that is, there is more to it than that. In Roms 8:3 We read that Christ came..
“In the likeness of sinful flesh.” Jesus did not have in His Body the Pristine Glory..the original glory that covered unfallen man in Eden.It was the

GLORY LIGHT OF COMMUNICATION WITH GOD..Remember how Moses’s face shone after his forty days of communion with God on Mt Sinai.
Once sin entered into Eden..Glory departed..they knew they were naked!

Yet worst of all..there was a tradgic inward change. There awakened a new faculty of..CONSCIENCE!

Where before was..Love..

Overwhelming Joy..and Peace.
It was now replaced with Fear..Shame and a Broken Communication with The LORD GOD. It must have Broken the Heart of God.Man was expelled..from the Garden and the ground was cursed.🥀”

MERCY”The great Promise of the coming SAVIOUR is given in verse 15. “The seed of the woman would ”break” the head of the serpent.” He is cursed and Salvation through her offspring would be available to all men..who will come!”BUT WE SEE JESUS..CROWNED WITH GLORY AND HONOUR!”Pray..”Lord keep me from SIN and TEMPTATION…DELIVER ME from the evil one. FOR YOURS IS THE KINGDOM AND THE POWER AND THE GLORY..FOREVER..AMEN!



3 thoughts on “THE BOOK OF GENESIS! The Seed of Hope.

  1. God saves because He loves us. Praise His Holy Name

    On Thu., 25 Mar. 2021, 10:24 am Light In The Darkness, wrote:

    > heatherdalzell posted: “”THE FALL.”Cont..THE RESULTS of the FAll.Satan had > told Eve that their eyes would be opened and they would know “both good and > evil”It happened!What an eye opener!What a knowing!They knew they were > naked!There was no more innocence!They experienced Shame!” >

  2. I love your following statement Heather,
    “Mercy, ”The great Promise of the coming Savior is given” Amen!

    What a wonderful heavenly Father we have that He fulfilled His promise that was given all those eons ago in Jesus Christ. What amazing love!
    Bless you,

    1. Thankyou dear lady. Christ is the seed of hope, the satisfaction of hope. He is the joy of living. He is hope! Bless you xx

      On Fri., 26 Mar. 2021, 10:59 am Light In The Darkness, wrote:


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