THE BOOK OF GENESIS! Isaac, the child of Promise. The Sacrifice of Isaac.


He is the miracle baby promised to Abraham and Sarah. She was purposely overhearing the conversation between Abraham and his visitors at the tent door. Sarah laughed too loud and revealed her unbelief.

She is heard, but denies it. The Lord said “Sarah you laughed,” She said, “l didn’t,” God replied, “No! but you did laugh.” Sarah’s face turned pink!
She is reminded again that God previously had said to Abraham, “Is anything too hard for the Lord.” Dear Sarah was actually afraid!

We must learn that we cannot lie or argue with God, He knows all things and has a perfect memory. It is silly and useless!

Abraham formerly had believed God. In Cpt 15:6. It says, “And it was counted to him as righteousness” And in Hebrews “Sarah by faith believed God.” So why did they laugh? He laughed so much that he fell on his face. Both he and Sarah had thought in their hearts only..but the Lord knew! We cannot hide anything from God.

l think that Abraham and Sarah laughed, because they were old!
He was 100 years old and Sarah was 90! She previously stated.
“Shall we find pleasure?” Do you know what she meant? “Making love at this age” Abraham most probably remembered Sarah’s previous conversation with him. They both were having a private laugh, strictly confidential!

There was a wonderful miracle in progress, a miracle of their personal rejuvenation, creation and the fulfilling of the promises of God.

God will fulfill His Covenant through Isaac’s seed and with his seed after him. It was an Everlasting Covenant.


Isaac had grown into a handsome youth. He had a soft genuine respect, and an obedient nature, a blessing of God upon his father’s old age.
Abraham gave his heart completely to the boy.

Then God said, “Abraham.”
He said “Here I am.”
And God said, “Take your son, your only son to a mount in Moriah and offer him as a burnt offering to me.”

In the morning, very early, he asked two servants to accompany him on a journey he was about to make.
Then he entered into the tent where Isaac was sleeping and touched his son to waken him.
“Come” he said, “come with me.”
So they left the encampment together.

They travelled three days in a northerly direction.
On the third day Abraham looked up and saw the place of sacrifice afar off.
He said to his servants, “Wait here, The boy and I will go and worship the Lord and then come back to you.”
Dear reader, can you see the faith of this man? Please read Heb.11:19.


As they began climbing Mt Moriah. Isaac said, “Father.” We have the 🔥 fire and the wood for our sacrifice, but where is the lamb? Abraham smiled and said, “God will provide.”

Today, God still provides for our,
NEEDS. Phil 4:19.
WANTS. PSL 23:1.

If we are faith filled..
If we are totally His will..and if we surrender all we are and have over to Him.

His blessings will chase you down!!


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  1. Amen! His blessings definitely overwhelm us Heather! Another great triple Bible study today sweet friend.
    How sweet His faithfulness & kindness is!
    Bless you,

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