Rebekah was barren and so lsaac entreated the Lord on her behalf. It was not very long after his fervent prayer she became pregnant.

There was now no need for tears of regret, there were tears of joy! added to her already radiant face that lit up the room. Her husband was ecstatic with joy. The waiting was over!

At three months into term Rebekah began to experience crushing pain in her womb.
She groaned and in a low voice said, “l would rather die than have this dreadful pain.” So she sought the Lord.

The Lord said. “There are two nations wrestling within your womb.”
“Two people’s born of your body, Rebekah, will divide from one another.”
One shall be stronger than the other.

The elder will serve the younger brother!”


So it was, when they were delivered, she gave birth to twin boys. The first one came out red and very hairy, it seemed as if he were wearing a coat!
They named him Esau. (Man of the earth.)

The second came out looking smooth, almost hairless. He was clutching his brothers heel.
He was named Jacob. (Supplanter or Deceiver.)

ISAAC loved Esau…REBEKAH loved Jacob!
Gen 25:28. This favouritism would begin a long line of rejection in the family. This would result in comparisons, competitions and conditional love. Rejection in their hearts toward the boys from each of their parents, caused the boys to grow insecure. Read Gen 25:27-34.

One day, Esau came home from his daily toil, very hungry, he had not eaten and he felt faint.


Jacob was cooking Pottage..(soup or stew)
The aroma was tantalising, so Esau asked for some to eat, as he was famished. “Give me some of that red pottage.” (lentil stew). “Now!”

Jacob took advantage of Esau’s hunger.

He craftily replied, “sell me your birthright

“Hurry Jacob, give me some stew, or I will die! what good shall this birthright do for me?”

So he sold his birthright to Jacob. He had no regard spiritually for his birthright. He preferred to gratify his flesh than to take on his responsibility of priestly leadership of the family.

He was not that far from his own dwelling where other food would be available.

Jacob seemed to have a much better understanding of the implications of the birthright..It was the promise given by God to Abraham as the “EARTHS BLESSER.”Gen 12:2.

Resentment was now part of Esau’s heart, as rejection started to take root.

If we will admit it, rejection has affected us, in different stages in our family upbringing, at school, at work, and in relationships inside or outside of marriage.

And also in churches, l meet many people who have left church and even turned their backs upon God due to the sting of rejection. Some are now atheists, others agnostics. Some have turned to alcohol and drugs.. and embraced a lifestyle far from God.

Some Christians still battle with it. They seem to rise above it and then a new incident happens and Satan uses it among other things, to tear their hearts away from God. Rejection is an evil Spirit!

Do we have to let it affect us? No, we do not! How? Here is a short method that may help you to overcome it. If this does not aid you, then seek Professional help through Christian Counselling in your area.

Admit you have it, own it!

Go to the root of it!

Forgive the offence, forgive the offender.

Resist the spirit of it, in Jesus’s Name.

Give thanks that the blood of Jesus avails for you. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you into other areas of your life that need attention.

Follow this method until your forgiveness is completed.

Then claim the acceptance that you have in Christ.

Then allow the Lord to to heal you of your wrong reactions.

Make things right with those you have offended.

Now ask the Holy Spirit to manifest “His Life in you.”

Do this each time you are wounded and soon it will become shorter and easier to forgive.

Soon you will realise that people, do not bother all!!


6 thoughts on “THE BOOK OF GENESIS. Twins!

  1. Such a great message today Heather!
    Rejection in all of its guises truly does so much damage to our spirit’s until we give it to the Lord & allow the Holy Spirit to fill that part of our lives with His freedom, love & acceptance.
    Bless you dear friend,

  2. Heather I enjoyed your blog post today! When others wound us, especially those close to us, it can seem so much harder to forgive, yet as you mention it is the only way to overcome. Thank you for the encouraging words here!

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