THE BOOK OF GENESIS. Blessing stolen.



When lsaac was old and almost blind, he called Esau into his room and said, “Son, l am old and l don’t know when I shall die, but it will be soon.”

Those of us who are in our Golden years are labled as being “old” so we start thinking we are at death’s door! The thought of death plagues our minds and we talk about our infirmities, groaning and grumbling about our aches and pains. People that listen to us always winging, decide to stay away.

Not everyone is like that, you can have a joyful spirit and a good attitude despite how you may feel.

Look at Caleb in Josh 14:6-13, He was 85 years of age and as good as he was at 40. He spoke about the strength that the Lord had given him and will continue to give him even at this old age. He didn’t draw attention to himself, but put his attention upon the Lord’s Strength.

Actually lsaac ended up living another 20!years!


Rebekah took matters into her own hands, she wanted Jacob to be blessed over Esau at any cost to herself and anyone else. She firmly said, (“upon me be the curse”) v13.
So she convinced Jacob to deceive his father into thinking he was Esau. (he could have “refused” to deceive his Father into blessing him instead of Esau.)

Read the whole story in Gen Cpt 27.
When Isaac realises that he has been, deceived, he is greatly moved. In the Hebrew text it says,”He trembled with a great trembling..greatly.” How upsetting to learn that the love of your life and your son has just deceived you.

When you read it again, you will discover that Isaac was a bit doubtful regarding the sound of Jacob’s voice. It did not have the tone of Esau’s voice. At this crucial moment Isaac should have consulted the Lord for His guidence. But he didn’t! Now lives would change forever!

Really Isaac was a Godly man, as he did not harbour bitterness against his son Jacob. He blessed him instead.

Jesus points this out in Matthew in the story of the Prodigal Son; where his father forgave and welcomed his son, and blessed him greatly.

Isaac blessed his youngest son and sent him on his way. Rebekah never saw Jacob again. She died before he returned. Isaac lived out his life a futher twenty years and gladly was reunited to his son after a long period of waiting. Isn’t God Good !!

What we can learn from this story?
Do not manipulate people to make things happen for yourself, or anyone else, as Rebekah did. The consequences were, she caused a severe rift between the twins that only God could fix.

Jacob did have encounter with God on his way to Padan-aram at Bethel. Esau still deeply wounded over the deception that caused the loss of his personal Blessing decided to marry the daughters of Canaan as a pay back to his father for sending Jacob off with more blessing. Cpt 28:6-9.

So this incident is given to remind us not to follow the way of deceit, which is a tool of satan. We need to say to ourselves ….

Mouth off!

Hands off!


“Then stand still and see the Salvation of the Lord.”
THE LORD said “Be still and know that I am God.”

“He works in mysterious ways, His Wonders to perforn.” He is the God of the Impossible and “nothing is too Hard for Him!”

Why do we try to work things out for ourselves?

Why do we worry, why do we doubt?Why do we run in circles.. scream and shout?

We need to Decide to..Let go.. and let God!!

Next time Jacob , meets Rachel….


8 thoughts on “THE BOOK OF GENESIS. Blessing stolen.

    1. Hi Precious Paula, l’ve just read your blog .You have a beautiful heart and though others may not always understand, so they analyse you by your behaviour and make all kinds prescriptions to heal you.
      But God sees your heart and He loves what He sees. He has your name on His fridge!!

  1. Letting go of the control we THINK we have is never easy. Thank you for the good reminder that God is in control. Not us.

    1. God is so protective over you dear Laurie What I love about Him is His Grace and patience with me. May He bless you in all ways, at all times. Heather D.

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