THE BOOK OF GENESIS. Jacob & Rachel.


Read Cpt 24:1-1. So Jacob went on his journey and came to the land of the people of the East.
He saw a well and three flocks of sheep laying beside it. There was a great stone upon the well’s mouth.
The Shepherds were also laying around, some sound asleep!
Jacobs shepherd’s mind thought to itself.

They should have watered the sheep and have them out grazing by now. So he questioned them as to why. Their reason was, that no-one was able to water them until all shepherds had arrived.

Just then..Rachel arrived! with her flock. She was truly beautiful, as she drew closer ahead of her flock, Jacob’s heart began to wildly beat. He couldn’t help but to stare at her! The closer she drew..his legs began to weaken, Jacob was smitten by her beauty!

Rachel: Her eyes were wide and shy, as moist as the eyes of a ewe lamb..and as kind.

She had a fall of dark hair that glistened with natural red highlights in the midday sun. Her skin was moist and soft, flawlessly glowing with health. She was small and delicate yet appeared fit and strong.

Jacob was quick to move the stone and water her sheep..the sheep that belonged to Laban the brother of his mother.

Yes, the Lord led him to his relatives in Haran. Overwhelmed with emotion he kissed Rachel and wept aloud. He told her who he was and she ran and told her father. Soon Laban came running to meet him. The men, as was their custom, kissed and embraced each other and Laban brought Jacob to his house, and invited him to stay for a month.

The month seemed to fly and Laban said to Jacob. “Just because you are my relative, you do not need to work without payment, so choose your wage.”

Jacob knew exactly what he wanted. “That she might be my wife. I will work for seven years for..Rachel!” So they made a deal. Seven years seemed to be but a few days, because of the love he had for her! He was enamoured with her eyes.

He would see them in the eyes of his lambs. He would sigh, “oh such lovely long eyelashes on these ewe lambs.” “Eyes like Rachel’s eyes.”
“I’m surrounded by a host of Rachel’s!”

He was so in love!!

Jacob the son of Isaac was a very happy man.

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  1. Great post today Heather! I love the way you used such a vivid description of the romantic love Jacob felt for Rachael. β™₯
    Blessings my sweet friend,

  2. Enjoy your blog Heather can’t wait to hear the rest … God Bless you my dear Friend πŸ™πŸ’—πŸ™Xx

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