Jacob was tired of working day in and day out and still not being able to provide for his own household.

Chapter 30.

God had richly blessed Laban upon Jacob’s coming, from owning little, to a great multitude of cattle. Now Jacob wanted to leave and return home to his Father.
Laban, for his own benefit, tries one more time to keep him. “Tell me what shall your wages be?”
Laban had cheated him ten times concerning his wages. Chapter 31:7.
So Jacob devises a plan..


He suggests that they divide the cattle, the sheep and the goats and he would keep the multi-coloured ones and Laban would keep the white.
Laban agreed.

Spotted .. Speckled .. Streaked!

Jacob began to claim them for himself!

God had shown Jacob in a dream how to increase the herd. Chapters 30:37-43. 31:10. You need to read how he did it!

So Jacob increased his holdings exceedingly, with much cattle, servants, camels and asses! Chapter 43.

Laban was very unhappy and treated Jacob with contempt.

So God intervened, by telling Jacob to leave Laban and to return “now” to his homeland.
So Jacob drew his wives aside and revealed his plans to escape their father. They were happy to leave!

They encouraged him by saying, “Do whatever the Lord your God has told you.” Things had settled between the sisters now and they were in agreement.

So they fled !!

Three days later Laban learned that they had taken everything they owned and left.

He was angry, and so ready to take revenge, but God came to him in a dream.
“Don’t you say “anything” to Jacob “good or bad.”
So when they did catch up to Jacob there was no real confrontation between them.
They agreed not to come near each other with intent for evil and they set up a stone as a watch post between them.

Early the next morning Laban kissed his sons and daughters and blessed them.

Then they parted!!


Now Jacob grew quieter as they travelled.. Esau was on his mind. He remembered how angry and vindictive he was when he left twenty years ago.

Was he still carrying a grudge against his brother?

“Esau was coming” according to the message he received, and it said, “He has four hundred men with him!”

Jacob was shaking on the inside, fearing he will be killed and all his family whom he held dear. As Esau drew closer he became even more disturbed.
He cried out to God, and the Lord God reminds him of the promises to do him good and make his children as the sand of the sea.

When you are in trouble.. look back and remember the miracles of previous times, where God stepped in and delivered you. Refresh your mind that .. He will do it again !

Jacob divided his company into droves.
Each drove had a generous present for his brother, to appease the wrong done to him.

Then he sent all he owned over the ford (part of the river that may be crossed by wading.)

They crossed the river Jabbok, but Jacob remained behind.

He was left alone and a man wrestled with him until daybreak. Jacob would not cease from wrestling him. So He (God) touched his thigh, and his thigh became out of joint. But Jacob still hung on, not even this excruciating pain caused him to cease!

God said, “What is your name?”
Jacob tearful, tired and panting, said, “Jacob”
“supplanter, schemer, trickster, swindler.” But Jacob hung on to the Angel and moaned, his whole body was wet with perspiration.

I will not let go of you until you bless me.”

Dear reader, How determined are you to receive the Blessings of God?

God replied, “For you have power with God and with men..and prevailed, so your name shall be called..

Israel.” (Contender with God) instead of “Jacob” the (Deceiver, Supplanter).

So Jacob called the place, Peniel..(Penuel). Meaning,“The Face Of God.”
As the sun rose upon him, he was limping because of his thigh. Though injured, Jacob had prevailed! (He won the wrestling match!)

Read Chapter 32:24-32. For more insight read also, Hosea 12:2-6.



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