THE BOOK OF GENESIS. Jacob meets Esau.


Jacob (now Israel) lifted up his eyes and saw Esau coming. He had four hundred men with him to take vengeance as he had vowed!
Gen 27:41.

Memories of that day of deception flooded Jacob’s mind, he was afraid!

God had taken the thought of vengeance away from Esau .. yet, he somewhat enjoyed the satisfaction of having his brother bowing seven times before him! God had humbled Jacob.


And when Esau spied Jacob in the distance.
He leaped from his donkey and ran toward his brother, fell on his neck and embraced him and kissed him!

Overwhelmed at Esau’s kindness and acceptance..Jacob began to cry, then Esau also cried, They wept over each other..all the bitterness and resentment were washed away by tears of joy! All Jacobs fears were unwarranted!

God loves humility, He uses humble people. Humility comes before we can forgive another for hurting us. Humility must come also before we can .. ask forgiveness !

“God dwells with those of a humble spirit and a contrite heart.” Isa 57:15.

God admonishes us to be, “Clothed in humility for,God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble.”

James 4:6.

“Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that in due time He will exalt you.” 1 Peter 5:6.

“Casting all your, worries and anxieties upon Him; for He cares for You.”

A humble person is modest, meek, without pride, courteously respectful towards others. Let us eat “humble pie” and under God’s direction, seek to be reconciled with those who are estranged from us, as “He” leads.. May God bless you.

Esau and Jacob spent the day together catching up on all their past experiences. It was a time of happiness and laughter.
Jacob introduced his wives and children as each came and humbly bowed before him.

Esau scratched his face and asked Jacob. “Why all these droves, why did you send them?”
Jacob patted him upon the shoulder and said..
“Seeing you is like seeing the face of an angel. (God) and you have received me favourably.”
Esau couldn’t help but smile!

“Please take them Esau my brother, l have more than enough” He urged him and Esau took them.

Esau stroked the bruises in Jacob’s forearm and noticed his limp and said, “You’re stronger now. But baby brother.. your quarrels must be horrible!” They both laughed.
They parted different men, happy men!

Esau returned to Seir, south east of Canaan, where his family would dwell south east .. where his families would dwell for centuries thereafter.

Jacob crossed the Jordan River at Succoth and travelled to Shechem. He made public the name that God had given him (Israel). He purchased a small piece of land and built an altar on it. He called the altar..




JACOB’S final days will be opened up to us, when we look at the wonderful life of Joseph further along in our studies.


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  1. I love the way you have brought this story to life Heather! The illustration of Jacob & Esau embracing each other is so poignant! And makes eating that humble pie all the sweeter 😉
    Bless you sweet friend,
    ❤️ Jennifer

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