THE BOOK OF GENESIS. Joseph reveals his Identity.


The chief Steward of the Grand Vizier brought his master news, that the same men who came from Canaan before, have returned to you.
Joseph asked “How many are there! .. how many?”

Ten, my Lord I see ten!”

Take them straight to my house.” He ordered, “Then slaughter an animal and prepare a meal for them.”

After his day’s work was done, Joseph walked toward his house slowly, taking steady deep breaths. As he drew closer, he ordered the release of Simeon and soon he was escorted to the house.

As he walked in the door.. all ten of the brothers bowed down before him to the ground. (A fulfillment of his dreams).

Joseph spoke sternly to them, “Stand up!” At his command, they carefully stood before him, gazing in fear.

Wordlessly they pushed their gifts before him. There were pots and jars of honey, gum and almonds. Joseph nodded his head in appreciation.

Then he cleared his throat, and said nervously,

“The old man of whom you spoke, er .. Jacob .. or Israel, is he well?”

The men answered, “Your servant, our father, is alive and well!

Joseph was finding it hard to speak, as his emotions wanted to control him.
Beads of perspiration began to wet his brow, and his face reddened, he loved his father.

When he looked at Benjamin his younger brother, he could hardly contain himself. He whispered .. his voice was shaky.
Is this your brother Benjamin?” He could see so much of his mother Rachel in him.
“Yes, yes,” they eagerly replied. “This is Benjamin! Our youngest brother.”
“Oh Benjamin, dear Benjamin.”
Upon saying his brother’s name “Benjamin” he ran from the courtyard, where he entered a closed room .. then burst into tears! He cried out to God, “Lord strengthen me now.”

His brothers were in shock and they gaped at each other wondering, “What was going on?”
Have a look at Genesis 43:24 -34.

Now in chapter 45.
Joseph returned to his brothers .. but could not restrain himself any longer. He spoke in Egyptian. “Everyone get out of here, except the Hebrews!” They quickly obeyed.

When they were alone, he with tear stained eyes looked at his brothers .. then came a gush of tears as the flood gates opened.
Joseph knelt in front of Judah then embraced him, “Brother you didn’t know.”

Then he stood up and went to Benjamin and kissed him.I am Joseph and I have missed you so much,” Benjamin began to cry and hugged him tightly.

“Reuben, oh Reuben,” he said crying, Reuben feeling guilty kept his head down. Hot tears fell straight to his knees wetting his garment.
“Reuben, look at me! I am really your brother!”

“Levi, I am not dead, I am alive,”
Weeping still, he embraced the others..
“Asher, Gad and Napthali, I am here before you. I have been in the hands of God from the time you took me from your father. He has always been with me.”
Joseph containing himself said, “Now return to our father .. bring him here to spend the rest of his days in peace.”

Upon hearing about their experiences in Egypt, Jacob was a bit hesitant, so God spoke to him in a vision saying, “Go down to Egypt and do not be afraid .. for there I will make you into a great nation.”

As it happened .. Jacob and all his children and his grandchildren and their goods moved south west into the land of Goshen.

As they arrived, Joseph came in a grand golden chariot and leaped from it, to meet his father. Jacob limped toward him, now an old man with a thick white beard.

Each fell on the neck of the other and wept, Jacob spluttered! “Now I can die in peace because I have seen your face again. Oh father.” Sobbed Joseph.

Yet Jacob lived another “seventeen years” in Egypt .. and died when he reached 147 yrs of age.

So, as he was near death, Jacob blessed all his children and also Joseph’s children, Ephraim and Manasseh.

Israel, (Jacob) not according to custom, crossed his hands and blessed the younger over the older, intentionally. Read cpt 48:13-20.

Joseph tried to change the position of his hands and he said to his father, “not so, not so, my father!” But Jacob refused.

God acts independently of the claims of priority based on the time of birth when he chooses men. He toocrossed” his Hands!

In the case of Seth over Cain.

Of Shem over Japeth.

Of Isaac over Ishmael.

Of Jacob over Esau.

Of Judah and Joseph over Reuben.

Of Moses over Aaron.

Of David whom he chose over all his brothers.

Of Mary over Martha.

God had fulfilled all his promises, He made to the the family of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph.

They became, a multitudinous nation and strong .. BECAUSE ..




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