THE BOOK OF GENESIS. Dying Jacob blesses his sons.


The time drew near that Jacob would die, Genesis 47:29.

He was now 147 years of age, so he called Joseph to promise that upon his death, he would be buried with his father’s in their burying place in Canaan.

Joseph swore unto him that he would make it so.

Then Israel (Jacob) blessed Joseph’s children and claimed them as his own. Yet it wasn’t as Joseph had expected.

Read chapter, 48:12 -22.

God’s thoughts are not our thoughts! Jacob knew exactly what he was doing by blessing the younger over the elder. GOD LOOKS AT THE HEART.

Then Jacob called all his sons to His side, to prophesy over each of them, being the twelve tribes of Israel. This was a time of fulfilment. Jacob by faith, and as God’s spokesman looked forward to their settlement in the Promised land.

As the firstborn Reuban was entitled to be the head of the family, but due to his boiling hot temper and turbulent character, he would fail in leadership.


These men were violent and lawless, they dis-regarded life. The Lord said unto them, “I will scatter you.” Though Levi became a priestly tribe, they had no region of their own. 49:5-7.


Jacob predicted the fierce lion-like dominance of Judah over his brothers and his enemies, that although the blessing went to Joseph, Judah would provide Israel’s rulers (kings) from which the MESSIAH would come through David’s line. 49:8-12


His tribe would dwell by the sea and be a safe harbour. 49:13.


He is likened as a donkey, who would be forced to work for others. He was often subjugated (dominated) by invading armies. 49:14-15.


His name means “Judge”, Yet the tribe would choose treachery. Jacob in verse 18 was reminding his sons that they must be totally dependent upon the Lord, then God would come and rescue them from all trouble, grief and human treachery. 49:16-17. This applies to you today.


This tribe of Gad would be attacked by marauding bands, he will “attack” also. 49:19.


Would be fruitful and productive, providing rich foods. They settled along the rich fertile, Northern Coast of Caanan. 49:20.


This tribe is likened to a “doe”, They would be a free mountain people. 49:21.


Jacob lavished promises of victory and prosperity upon Joseph’s two tribes.
See 1 Chronicles 5:1,2.

THE EPHRAIMITES. Joseph’s son.

They were victorious in most of their battles. You can read about their conquests in..Joshua chapters, 6,8,10,12. Then the great victory through Deborah in Judges. All these warriors were descendants of Joseph’s sons.


Joseph’s second son, his descendants. Included Gideon in Judges chapters 6-8.
Jepthah in Judges chapters 11,12:1-7.

JOSEPH IS CALLED A PRINCE AMONG HIS BROTHERS. His life is a reflection of both his character and his position in Egypt. 49:26.


Is described as a violent tribe see ..
Judges chapter 20:1.

1 Samuel 9:12. 19:10. and chapter 22:17.

They were almost extinguished by their own brethren.

Let us have a closer look at Joseph’s life. The blessing of God was already evident in his life, all through the difficulties he faced .. even before Israel blessed him at his death bed.


Joseph never lost faith in his dreams, and now they were a reality. But he had to wait for the Lord to fulfil them.

So must you dear one, God is never late or too early, His time of fulfilment is perfect! .. chapter 49.1.


1. Fruitfulness of offspring. Verses,22,23.

2. Help from God in adversity. Verse23.

3. Blessing of Heaven. (rains) Verse 25.

4. Blessing of the deep. (seas) Psalm 42:7.

5. Blessing of the breast,

6. And the womb. (Verse 25 covers both.)

7. A Blessing from Jacob himself upon Joseph. Verse 26.

You can claim these verses for your own life today, and you can personally prophesy to those who are genuinely are hungery for the the True Word of God .. the Word of Life and Love.

When you reread the lesson, you can be totally aware of the sweet way Joseph handled difficult people, and learn to copy his ways.

There is a difference between the word “Blessing”, and the word “Grace”.

Some people seem to think they mean the same thing.

GRACE .. Is the undeserved favour of God in that all sinners can be saved through the Blood of Jesus Christ. Grace means ..

His Power not only to save, but to keep, to deliver us from all evil, and to empower us to live the Christian life.


Are the gifts that God gives us in all areas of life, mental, emotional, spiritual and material things. In short .. protection and favour.

You need to be in His Grace to receive His blessings.

Dear Christian you should a blessing to all people rich or poor, saved or unsaved, to every tribe and nation.

Be a blessing by your generosity, your words and actions, and with Christlike love and care. Send these blogs to those you know who need to read God’s Word.

Live a life of positive praise to the One who gave His all for you.

The Words of this song l used to sing in my younger days, will surely bless you.


Out in the highways and byways of life, Many are weary and sad:

Carry the Sunshine where darkness is rife, Making the weary ones glad.

Refrain ..

Make me a blessing, make me a blessing,

Out of my life .. may Jesus Shine;

Make me a blessing oh Saviour, I pray,

Make me a blessing to some-one today.

George Schuler. 1924.



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  1. “God is never late or too early, His time of fulfilment is perfect!” Amen!
    We have both seen this in our lives Heather.

    God’s timing in fulfilling our dreams of serving Him in this global ministry has been perfectly timed!
    Bless you sweet friend ❤️

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