THE BOOK OF GENESIS. His Brothers Repent.


Jacob had died, and Joseph had been given permission from Pharaoh to bury his father in the land of Canaan.
This was Joseph’s first return to his homeland in 39 years.

As with his father and great grandfather, Jacob’s death brought the end of an era. See Genesis..chapter, 50: 7-11.

Jacob’s brothers were in fear that Joseph would pay them back for all the evil they had done unto him, that he had forgiven them only until his Father died. Many people are now alive, to this day.

“This is what natural men and sinners expect of each other, but godly men are different and cannot hold grudges. Mathew 6:14,15. This was allowed under law, but not under Grace. Matthew 5:38-48.

Joseph showed true compassion and wept before them.

If you are having trouble forgiving someone, Then ask God to forgive through you. “His compassions they fail not!”
Joseph’s reply to his brothers was not a promise of forgiveness as he had already forgiven them.

They fell down before him..This was the fifth time they bowed before him, truly a fulfilment of his dreams. Genesis 37:5-11.

He replied, “fear not: Am I in the place of God?”
“You thought evil against me; but GOD MEANT IT FOR GOOD!! Many people are now alive, to this day.”

Joseph then promised to take care of his brothers and nourish their children. He comforted them and spoke kindly to them, (to their hearts) putting all past wrongs out of his mind.

Dear reader so you must put all your past hurts out of your mind. Place them at the Cross of Christ .. Then.. MOVE ON!

What a man of humility, and of beautiful character. As we will see in our further studies how similar he was to the Lord Jesus Christ.
We should emulate this dear man.


He told his brethren, “I die: and God will visit you and bring you out of this land, unto the land He promised to..
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

JOSEPH made them to swear an oath that they would carry his bones out of Egypt. This was fulfilled in .. Exodus 13:19.

Joseph’s life was far shorter than his father’s and apparently shorter than his brother’s too.
The span of 110 years, nevertheless, was fully appropriate; since it was held to be the ideal span in Egyptian thought. It was long enough to see and acknowledge the third generation.

As an Egyptian minister, he might have been given a State funeral in Egyptian style; but he showed a full determination to identity himself to his own kin.

Others before Joseph had the Holy Spirit come upon them, but he is the first to be spoken of as having the “SPIRIT IN HIM.”
See Chapter 13:19.

His body was buried in Egypt after living there for 93 years.
His own prophesy was fulfilled when Israel came up out of Egypt and carried his bones with them.

So the Lord wants you to fulfil His purposes for your life.



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  1. Amen! Wonderful truth here Heather! I love how you remind us to lay unforgiveness or hurt at the alter of God & move on. And that is truly healing!
    Bless you sweet friend ❤️

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