THE BOOK OF GENESIS. Joseph a type of christ!


There are many references that speak about Joseph and Jesus, As I have said, Joseph is a true picture of Christ, let’s discover more about how much they are alike in their ministry and their experience. Wonder with me at the marvellous Acts of God through them.

Jacob loved Joseph above his brothers chp 37:3. So is Jesus loved dearly, the well beloved Son in whom the Father “delights.” See Matt 3:17, Col 1:13.


Jacob gave him the coat of distinction as a token of his regard. John 3:35. So the Father loved Jesus and “gave all things into his hand.”

God’s purposes were revealed through the prophetic dreams of Joseph.
Jacob attested these dreams and quietly observed them.

Gen 37:5-11. Joseph was a willing messenger and was quick to obey. So was Christ the Pre-eminent Messenger of the Father.

Isa 62:1, Luke 4:18.


Joseph was hated by his brothers. Sadly to say, so was our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Compare these Scriptures. Gen 37:4, with John 15:18.

Joseph was sold by his brothers for Twenty pieces of silver. Christ was sold for Thirty pieces of silver. THE PRICE OF A SLAVE.

Both was sold to the Gentiles. See Gen 37:27-28, and Matt 26:14,15.

Joseph was stripped of his beautiful coat and Jesus was stripped naked!

How Joseph must have suffered ..
In the Pit, in Potipher’s house, and in Prison, but everyone knew that the “Lord was with him.”Everyone under his care were also blessed.

Yet we know that God was in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself. He suffered more than any man. He was so brutally beaten, that He was unrecognisable, see Isa 52.

The worst kind of suffering was, when He bore your sins and mine on that cross of Calvary. “Oh my Jesus, Thankyou with all my heart!”

Joseph was thought to be dead by his brothers and his father. Cpt 42:15-36.

Twenty years had lapsed between the selling of Joseph and the reunion. Gen 37:31-36.

So Christ in actuality suffered death for our sakes.


Joseph was exalted as Wisdom and Saviour. He became the world’s bread supplier. Gen 41:57, and Administrator of affairs.

Acts 5:3. God has exalted Jesus to be a “Prince and a Saviour.”

Joseph was exalted to the right hand of Pharaoh’s throne. See Chapter, 41:38-44.

Then at last we see the fulfilment of his boyhood dreams! His brothers bow down to him! Gen 42:6.

Dear reader do not let go of your dreams. In God’s time they will become a reality. As Joseph’s brother’s could hide their sin no more and became penitent, so will those who have wronged you. You must forgive them anyway!

Joseph’s willingness to suffer brought about God’s wonderful plan. He told his brothers the truth. “You meant it for evil, but God meant for good.”

Please read chp 45:5-8. Doesn’t that bless you and give you hope. The same marvellous deliverence is ours in the New Testament. Please read Eph1:14-23. Rejoice at “who you are in Christ!”

You’ve been,”Raised up together with Him in Heavenly Places, above all principalities and powers, might and dominion.


This supersedes the great wonders of God toward lsrael in Egypt.

“We are SPIRITUALITY DELIVERED! As we will see in Exodus, it is ..


When God dealt with sin at Calvary, to set us free. He overthrew satan and all his principalities of evil, so we could stay free in Christ.


By exempting us from Judgement and punishment, when we identify with the cross of Calvary.


In raising Jesus from the dead and exalting Him as Saviour and Lord over anyone who would exalt themselves against Him.


By sending us the Holy Spirit as the NEW PILLAR OF CLOUD AND FIRE!


We are seated with Him in Heavenly Places.


In the New Covenant of His Blood shed for us. This is why we remember Him in the observance of communion .


8 thoughts on “THE BOOK OF GENESIS. Joseph a type of christ!

  1. Thank you Heather for this beautiful shadow of Jospeh being revealed in our Jesus Christ. Something that I I believe the church today overlooks when they speak of the exemption from judgement and punishment is our obligation to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and walk as he walked in order for our exemption to be fulfilled. I’ve heard it preached in many churches that everything was done for us in the cross and we are automatically saved and set free. Yet this does not line up with scripture. Jesus actually said “take up your cross and follow me..” to take up our cross means to walk the pathway towards destiny to self. I see a process in dying to self in the tabernacle – we begin symbolically by sacrificing in the outer court at the Alter of Sacrifice, our beastly nature. We continue on to the Brazen Lavar where we examine ourselves through the Word and allow it to wash us clean. We begin to break open the bread of the Word at the Table Of Showbread and through apostolic teaching our understanding is enlightened with anointing oil of the Holy Spirit at the Menorah. As we ascend into the prophetic realm as priests at the Alter of Incense offering up a sweet aroma to our Father, we are able to enter the Holy of Holies as high priests, like our Lord Jesus. There are two evils in the tabernacle and Jesus opened the first veil for the church during the church she. I believe the second veil is only now being opened to the Church into the Holy of Holies, the Glory where we can truly walk without sin and become the king priests of the Book of Revelation. Until now, I have not seen anyone walking on this earth like Jesus and yet the Bible tells us we will do even greater things than Jesus. Jesus said “be perfect as my Father in Heaven is perfect”. That was a command that we still need to fulfil. It wasn’t all done at the cross. In Matthew 17 Jesus tells us that Elijah will come and restore all things. That means there is more to do before we can be perfected. Now is the time, as we usher in the Mellenium Kingdom Age to be perfected In Christ through the fullness of revelation as the Book of Revelation is revealed to The apostles and prophets through the spirit of Elijah. As we ascend into full biblical revelation we can enter into the high priesthood and become the kings, the glorified body of Christ with His mind, the King of kings. Sadly the church didn’t come to the wedding (Matthew 21:3) as they won’t accept that they are veiled and there will be many foolish virgins who are locked out of this age. We must pray for our fellow Christians, go back to the early church fathers teachings and realise that as in the days of Noah, many will be lost in the transition. For those who get eyes to see in this time will Transition into the kingdom, into perfection (maturity) and begin the /009 year rule and reign of Jesus. He is coming in His saints as the revelation of His Word to bring in a beautiful
    Harvest of souls. Shalom dearly beloved.

    1. Thankyou for your insight into the Word of God. Be blessed in your walk with Him as your Lord. It it MARVELLOUS the Grace and Provision that is ours in Christ and the Faithfulness of God to keep us faultless before his v presence in Glory.
      God’s richest blessings be yours.

  2. I love how you have given us a break down of Joseph’s life being that of an archetype of Christ’s life. Well done Heather!
    Bless you sweet friend ❤️

  3. I really appreciate for good work done Heather, you have been running a very long race. Jesus has not given as the spirit fear but of power….. Hallelujah 🙌👏🙏

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