When Moses was born the Israelites were in bitter bondage to the Egyptians. Joseph had died and was soon forgotten as Saviour of Egypt.

The Israelites were increasing abundantly, and were multiplying rapidly and were becoming exceedingly mighty in the land. (Lit .. Swarming the land.) The land was filled with them. Exodus 1:7.

In the minds of the Egyptians, Israel was becoming a real threat due to their number and might. If there was a war, Israel could easily join forces with the enemy and escape the land.

V10. So the Egyptians made them serve with rigour.


1. Digging for clay and making bricks.

2. Kneading the clay for proper consistency.

3. Taking the clay to the brick moulds.

4. Forming the bricks.

5. Drying them in the sun.

6. Carrying them to the building sites.

7. Building cities out of the bricks.

These tasks were very taxing for their bodies and souls and the people groaned under the heavy load. Yet the people multiplied exceedingly.

So Pharaoh called for all the midwives to come before him. He ordered them to kill all the male children at the moment of birth. The midwives disregarded his orders because they feared the Lord above Pharaoh.

He called them again and angrily said,”Why have you you done this thing and saved the men alive?”

See Cpt 1:19-21. The midwives wisely answered him and said,”The Israelite women are strong and fruitful, and have safe and easy travails before we get there, they produce healthy children.”

Yet it was more than that! .. God was simply fulfilling His Covenant promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,

“To make their seed as the sand .. as the dust .. and as the stars innumerable.”

So Pharaoh commanded that all children of the Hebrews that were males were to be slain at their birth, and after their birth. Emagine the terror and anguish it brought upon the Israelites.


Now Amram married Jochebed and they had three children: both were from the house of Levi. Miriam, Aaron and Moses. Cpt 2:1-10.
Moses himself was beautiful, translated from the Hebrew “towb” fair!” He was perfectly beautiful, well-formed and exceedingly fair.” Acts 7:20. Heb 11:23.

This could be why Pharaoh’s daughter was immediately attracted to him. Cpt 2:2,6.

Miriam who was watching over him was able to arrange for an Israelitish woman (his real mother) to care for him .. for a price !!

See how “God can work all things together for good to them that love Him” Roms 8:28.

Jochebed his mother, brought up the child that was to deliver Israel and she was paid to do it!! Isn’t that the generous provision of God. V7-9.

Pharaoh’s daughter found this child, floating in a basket on the river Nile among the reeds. She named him “Moses” which means“to draw out.” or, “to be saved from water.

Moses was brought up and instructed in “all the wisdom of Egypt.”

Please read the following verses in Cpt 2:11-25. He was now forty years old, according to Acts 7:23.

It is remarkable, in that case he was so ready to identify with his own people .. we can thank his mother for that!

The statement that he “saw the oppression of his people and could sympathise with them,” is the first act recorded of this man of God in the making.

But what is more important, God saw the Israelites in their affliction and He had respect unto them. He had not forgotten the Covenant He made with the Patriarchs of old.


God had not yet commissioned him as the deliverer of Israel. He was self called .. not Holy Spirit led .. So he took matters into his own hands.
When he saw an Egyptian smiting one of his own brothers, he slew the Egyptian.”Smiting” is translated as “killing.”

The next day to his surprise he saw two Hebrews fiercely fighting each other. He tried to break them up and questioned ..
“Why are you fighting?”

One bloodied man stood back in rage and angrily shouted at Moses,

“Who made you prince over us .. are you our judge?” Moses thought to himself, “surely this thing is being gossiped all over the land.”

Then the man shouted again ..”Are you going to kill me as you did the Egyptian yesterday?” Moses now suspected “surely the thing is known to Pharaoh .. Yes .. Pharaoh knew! and he sought to kill Moses.

Moses feared Pharaoh and ran from his face and dwelt in the land of Midian.

The Midianites were descendants of
Abraham and Keturah. Gen 25:1-7. Midian was their fourth son.

They were Nomadic people who were familiar with arid desert conditions. Moses settled into the Midianite community .. and was content to dwell with Jethro, the priest of Midian. He also married Jethro’s daughter
Zipporah, and they gave birth to a son and called his name Gershon .. meaning, “I am a stranger here.”

He lived there another forty years, content to stay the rest of his life in this place of Midian.

Until .. he had an encounter with Almighty God.

Have you like Moses, feared your circumstances and tried solve all your troubles by yourself ?

Fear drove him not to his GOD, but to run for his life! It was a snap decision, Run .. just get away from it all!!

It is not TRANSPORTATION .. we need but .. TRANSFORMATION !

Dont repress your problem to try and forget your your emotional pain, because it hides in your brain causing stress and anxiety and depression.You must retrieve them and give them all to Jesus. He is the One who”Heals the broken heart and sets the captive free.” ISAIAH 61:1.

Hey, look at this amazing promise from the lips of the Lord Jesus Himself.”


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