THE BOOK OF EXODUS. The 9 Plagues.

The plagues that devastated Egypt were the plan of God not only to humble Pharaoh, but to prove to the Egyptians that their confidence in man made idols was futile.
He is the only True and Living God.


The first plague centred upon the river Nile, when the whole river turned into blood. Cpt 7:20.
The Nile brought life into Egypt, they worshipped the Nile, as the ..

“Mother of Egypt.” But God taught them that,

Life is His to give or withhold.

The Egyptian Priests did not do anything similar as Moses and Aaron demonstrated, yet Pharaoh chose not to believe, so he looked for the smallest thing to justify his unbelief.


Cpt 8:2.
According to their beliefs, frogs could live in two different worlds. This world and in the afterlife of the next world.
God was showing them that these little creatures had no special hold on life.

Pharaoh did not ask Moses and Aaron to rid the land of frogs, he already knew where the real power was.
And God wanted Pharaoh to know, that..

He is the One True God ..The Lord!!

God had predicted that Pharaoh would not listen. Chpt 8:15.

Our God sees and knows your future as He did Pharaoh’s. Yet you get to choose your pathway of life.


The word translated “gnats” is very general.
The Old Testament could translate them as “vermin.” The English term would be “bugs.”
The whole land was infested with them. They recognised that this was the result of the.. “Finger of God.”

The next plague was plague number four.


The Egyptians believed that .. flies could turn death into life, that they actually had the secret to life. Flies always hang around dead and decaying matter. Maybe the result of the dead frogs?
The wonderful thing is that there were no flies in Goshen, where lsrael lived.

This was God’s miraculous power to infect one area while sparing another.

Pharaoh tried to bargain with God. He wanted only to partially obey God. His loyalty was divided between God and Egypt.

Such a person cannot receive anything from the Lord. See James, chpt 1:7,8. Moses interceded for the Egyptians and God removed the flies!

This plague affected both Israel and the Egyptians.

The Egyptians worshipped .. the Ram, the Bull and the Goat. These animals represented power and fertility. They did not have power over the Lord, whom all power resides. This was again the “Finger of God,”


These are so painful to bear. If you have suffered from them, you will certainly understand the agony they cause. The Egyptians were covered with them! Imagine trying to get comfortable in bed!

The magicians could not spare themselves from this horror.

It is interesting to note that this plague must have dissipated from them itself !
There was no plea from Pharaoh to bring it to an end.


Chpt 9:18.
Normally it rains in Egypt only a few days each year. So hail and thunderstorms would have been a terrifying thing to experience.

The devastating purpose of this plague was to destroy the Flax and the Barley. Cpt 9:31.

God is now demonstrating to Pharaoh that there is “No One” like Him in “All The Earth!”

You know, God could have destroyed Egypt in one go, as He did Sodom and Gomorrah. It was His Grace that spared them, so they could repent and submit to His Awsome Power. But Pharaoh refused to humble himself and continued to lord it over God’s people. Chpt 9:17.

Read Roms chpt 9:17.. GOD IS SOVEREIGN! and Pharaoh is learning that pride is not merely a weakness .. but a sin.

Some of the people copied Pharaoh in his stubbornness, but others made precautions for this huge storm.

Pride does indeed come before a fall .. it also comes before reason. Now we come to plague number eight.


The Egyptian God called “Osiris,” was especially revered as the god who descended into the underworld and brought back plant life in the Spring.

The climatic attack on the plant life by God demonstrates that Osiris was helpless before the Lord. There is no eternal life in the sprouting of plants!

See John 3:16. When you receive Jesus as your Saviour then .. you receive Eternal Life!

These locusts were not the type of locusts we know, but a species of locust migrating from the desert regions and devouring all the plant life before them. These pests ate every living plant across the Land of Egypt.

Pharaoh now recognises that..

Sin must not be ignored but confessed and forgiven. Is this admittance from his heart? Ch 10:16

I don’t think so!

Why? Because he was still trying to illiminate who should go and worship God. Verse 24. PHARAOH KNEW, that once the slaves were set free they would be free indeed .. and ..
They definitely would not come back!!

Isn’t it wonderful to know that you as a Christian have been set free from the slavery of sin through the shed Blood of our Lord Jesus Christif ” you have come to Him for the forgiveness of sin.

Real repentance is confessing to God.

“I am wrong, Lord you are right, please forgive and change me into your likeness and image.”

He not only has the power to save you, but to set you free from it’s bondage.
Just ask Him to save you .. Do it now!

Here is a simple prayer you can pray..

“Lord Jesus,”
“Thankyou that You shed your blood on the cross of Calvary .. that You rose again just for me. I now admit l need you to save me and set me free from the slavery of sin. I now invite you into my life.” Amen.


The chief God of Egypt through the centuries, who appeared unto them by several different names, was the sun. At this time he was known as “Amon-Re.” He was the supreme “god” over all other gods and considered to be the “ultimate source” of life.

The Lord showed the Egyptians that He was completely over the control of the sun. He could shut it off from the land of Egypt, and leave it to shine in Goshen, in the North East of the country. Chpt 10:23.

This reminds me of Psalm 139:11 “But even in the darkness I cannot hide from You.”
“To You the night shines as the bright as day. Darkness and Light are both the same to You.”

Jesus is the Light who gives Light to everyone, and darkness ( satan’s power ) cannot extinguish Him.”

(Jesus, the Light of the World.)
John Chpt I:4.



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  1. “Jesus is the Light who gives Light to everyone, and darkness ( satan’s power ) cannot extinguish Him.”! Amen Heather!
    I love you’re commentary on the plagues here. With the modern interest in Egyptology today it is a good reminder of actually what happened in history
    Remembering that it was Hebrew slaves (God’s chosen people) who built many of the pyramids that people are so fascinated by today.
    Bless you sweet friend ❤️,

  2. Thanks Heather I enjoy your posts and read them regularly. love Marnya xo

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