THE BOOK OF EXODUS.Moses faces Pharaoh!

MOSES FACES PHARAOH. Pharaoh’s Obstinance.

Moses returned from the burning bush a more confident man .. He had met the True and Living God! The “GREAT I AM.” Moses was running from his past, but now he persues his real future.

So he asked Jethro permission to go back to Egypt to see his relatives, saying, “I don’t know if they are alive or not.”

Jethro looked into his eyes of Moses and thought to himself, “I can see the fire of God in his eyes.”
He said to Moses,”Go in peace my son.” (The Lord is a consuming fire,) Jethro could see a reflection of God!

Moses was still feeling apprehensive about returning to Egypt, so God reassuring him of his safety, told him that those who wanted to kill him were dead. So he headed back to Egypt with his wife and sons.

During this journey Aaron his brother met him .. a precious reunion of two brothers, who had not seen each other for forty years!

Now the Lord had told Moses and Aaron to go to Pharaoh and say, “Let my son go, so he can worship Me.” This was coupled with the sign of Moses’ rod turning into a snake and devouring the magician’s snakes at the finger of God.

God uses Israel, as His first-born son in contrast with the firstborn of Egypt, as Pharaoh would understand this, he was called the first-born beloved son of “Ra” The Egyptian sun god.

Note, what the Lord says to Pharaoh in chapter 4:21-23 “But since you have refused Me Pharaoh, l will kill your first-born son.”

Pharaoh would harden his heart .. and would have it hardened for him!

So we need to decide in which direction we will set our hearts, no matter what adversity we face. We need to be true hearted, whole hearted, faithful and loyal to the Lord our God.

If we do, then we will have a satisfactory ending. Your worthiness does not have much significance in His sight. It was not easy for dear Moses, as he was half Egyptian and half Hebrew. A very difficult contrast for him.

Pharaoh rejected Mose’s request to release the Hebrew slaves. He retaliated by making things almost too difficult for them to complete a days work. The arrival of Moses made things far worse.

Pharaoh immediately moved in his mind to the real issue and said within himself,
What God could be superior than I?”

“What God could compel me to do .. what I myself ‘do not want’ to do?”

He accused the foreman of having too much time on their hands. Cpt 5:8. He accused them of making excuses as they were not working hard enough.

Cpt 5:17. He strictly commanded them, “Go and gather your own straw and make bricks in the same time as before.”

They were cruelly whipped because they could not fulfil their quota. The foremen complained to Pharaoh. “We cannot do it!” Angrily he accused them,

“You are lazy, you are lazy!”
“Now get back to work!!”


As they were not released as expected, they grew hostile against Moses.
Moses himself began to have some doubts. He wondered ..
“Is God faithful or not, things are now far worse?”

Read now, Psl 105:25-27.

But God, who had the big picture in mind renewed His promise to Moses. He brought to the fore Pharaoh’s own words ..

“Cpt 5:12. Who is this Lord? Why should l listen to Him and let Israel go? I don’t know the Lord, and l will not let Israel go.”

So, we cannot try to change the behaviour of an unsaved person, only God can do that!

Let us not judge peoples behaviour in order to suit our expectations. We need to ‘Love’ that person into the Kingdom.


Their greatest need was not to to be delivered, though dire be that need. Their greater need was to ..


Pharaoh believed that he himself, was a “divine god,”
But he was just a pawn in the hands of the One True God!

See Cpt 6:1-5.
God had previously revealed Himself as YAHWEH, meaning ..”THE LORD.” He revealed himself to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob this way.

Now here He reveals Himsel as .. EL-SHADDAI, meaning ..”GOD ALMIGHTY.”

This generation would know more of Him than the Patriarchs.
He says, They will know more of me “as they will see my Powerful Arm, and my great acts of judgement.”

“So you will be my own people!”

His goal for Israel was to have a Covenant relationship with Him, where they can be what he made them to be.

God’s names reflect their Character and Nature .. They are not just a label.
You who know Jesus, are ..

“Not just religious,” you are in .. Christ and He is .. in you.

“A relationship!” A love relationship with God as your father, through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Israel refused the plan of God due to their hard labour and severe punishments. But this did not thwart God’s plan at all. He just told Moses to move forward in that plan and confront Pharaoh again. He renewed His promise and said,

“You will know that I Am the Lord your God.”Cpt 6:7.

Pharaoh thinking that he himself as “divine” was just a pawn in the hand of the..

Only True God!

Moses reverted back to his feeling of inadequacy of not being able to speak eloquently. Eloquence was not the important factor in all this!

The Lord would use miraculous signs and wonders to convince Pharaoh and also convince the Israelites that they should follow God’s chosen man, well spoken or not!

When God’s Kingdom clashes with God’s enemies, (The Kingdom of darkness ) there is often conflict and hardship for us as His people.

The powers of darkness will certainly ‘Not’ leave their power, without a fight! That’s why you feel physically exhausted!!

Stand firm in your faith and know that God has already won the final victory on your behalf.

See this for yourself by reading Exodus 6:1-8. And read Matt 5:11,12.

Then rejoice in the fact of Eph 6:10.



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  1. I love your following statement Heather, “Stand firm in your faith and know that God has already won the final victory on your behalf.” Amen!
    Bless you sweet friend,

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