THE BOOK Of LEVITICUS. The Central Message.


The account of Leviticus picks up after God had delivered the lsraelites from their captors, He mightily led them into the desert, and bought them safely to Mt Sinai to encounter Him .. God working on their behalf.

Just a short reminder, that God was merging with His people .. as the law was based upon His Holy character.

Then He gave instructions to build a mobile place of worship. Now at Mt Sinai, the focus of Leviticus shifts to ethical and ceremonial, and ritual details, for God’s new nation and to a newly established priesthood.

Is Leviticus boring to read?

Some people answer, “Yes!” Actually, it is not boring, in fact it is full, of rich treasures, especially when you read it in conjunction with the New Testament.

Dont pass over this wonderful, book, or skim through its pages. You will, be blessed .. I promise you!

It is about your God, a HOLY GOD who wants you to know Him better.

Here we see the altars, where people, come in thoughtful preparation no-one leaves without bloodshed and sacrifice. The joy of knowing God is tempered with an awareness of severe cost.

This is not the same as an earthly relationship, it is a union sealed in blood.

All it’s requirements are gloriously fulfilled by the Blood of the Lamb. (Blessed Jesus) who was slain for us before the creation of the world.

The Precious Blood of Jesus.


There are two main parts in Leviticus.
The first part covering chapters 1-17.

The First Part.
In here we have received non-moral obligations. This part also deals with worship and the Tabernacle. Part one shows the way to God by sacrifice. This has to do with the Peoples Cleansing.

The Second Part.
This part covers chapters 18-27.
Here God is dealing with the relationship concerning morals. It has to do with practice.

It shows our walk with God is the way we separate ourselves from the practice of the ungodly .. in defilement and punishment. God wants us to live clean lives!!

Christianity Today.

We as christians do not need to keep all these requirements in Leviticus because they are all fulfilled in Christ. But we do live by it’s principles of separation from the world, such as ..
Cleanliness, among other things that pertain to living a Christlike, Spirit filled life, all found in the New Testament.

THE CENTRAL MESSAGE OF LEVITICUS. The message is concerned with Fellowship.

The idea of a new relationship on the ground of a blood sealed Covenant.

This is defined as a.. Godward Fellowship and there is a Manward Fellowship.

This truth is is expressed for us in 1John 1:7.

“If we walk in the light as He is in the light, We have Fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ God’s Son cleanses us from all sin.”

Yes, It is through the blood of Jesus Christ (as we walk in the light) then we can Fellowship with each other and truly our Fellowship is with the Father.

So we have the “Grounds of Fellowship,”
which is Sacrifice.

The “Walk of Fellowship,” which means

.. Separation..


Lev 11:1 – 47.
In this chapter, Moses and Aaron
spelled out instructions from God about foods that were “clean” and “unclean.”
These rules defined what could be consumed and what had to be avoided.

Every bird and insect were permitted or forbidden.

As we move through the Old Testament, the terms .. ‘clean and unclean’ begin to include the internal condition.


See Psalm 51:10.

“Create in me a clean Heart, Oh God.”
Ultimately, God would make the Israelites clean, but not through the sacrificial system.

Now please read Ezekiel, 36 : 25 to 37.

“A New Heart I will give you,”
“And a New Spirit l will put within you”

Jesus emphasised that the “heart” is where defilement begins.

He said, in Mark 15:7
“It’s not what goes into the body that defiles you; you are defiled by what comes out of your mouth.”

Jesus not only solved the problem, He offered Himself as the sole solution for our uncleanness.

Paul wrote in 1 Cor 6:11,
which confirms the words of Jesus.

“But you were cleansed; You were made right with God, by calling on the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and by the Spirit of our God.

“Isnt this so-oo .. wonderful!

John 15 :3.


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