THE BOOK OF NUMBERS. Gossip Spreads Against Moses.


The murmuring now, has worked it’s way up to the highest leaders.

See cpt 12. Moses own brother and
sister contentiously question his Leadership.
AARON was already the High Priest and MIRIAM was Israel’s Prophetess.

Here we find another reason for
murmuring. They both possessed, the spirit of “Jealous Pride.”

They wanted a higher position .. to be equal in leadership, equal with Moses.

The complaint was not really Moses’s choice of his wife, rather, to have control over his ‘freedom to choose.’

See Moses’s greatness .. There is no self vindication, and no trace even of resentment. Imagine the emotional wounds he bore.

See verse 13. “His gentleness makes him great.”

“His meekness is his majesty!”

God vindicates him in verses 4-10. The Lord questions them not Moses, as they expected. Oh that we all could be as dear Moses, meek and lowly of heart.

So God vindicates dear Moses.
“Were you not afraid to speak against my servant Moses?”

They could not answer a word .. God’s Judgement falls on the rebels and immediately ..

Miriam becomes a leper!!

Hansen’s disease ( Leprosy) is an infection caused by a slow growing bacteria called “Mycobacterium Lapre.

It can affect the nerves, skin, eyes, and the lining of the nose (nasal mucosa).

With early diagnosis and treatment, the disease can be cured.

Emagine how Miriam felt?

She was sick, so very sick! She had full blown leprosy. The whole camp were awe-struck!

Note: It’s a grave sin to speak against a true servant of God. To his face or behind his back.
Men of God such as Your Pastor. The Christian’s real safety is to leave him to God .. God guards the man He calls to service. He will vindicate or correct that man.

Notice Moses’ forgiving spirit. He prays for Miriam and she is healed.

Let us learn from this incident ..

The Lord said, “You mumble against Moses, or.. whoever you mumble against ..
You mumble against me..GOD!”

Let us learn an important lesson from this experience of Aaron and Miriam.

Don’t be so judgemental and opinionaed against your leadership ..


Pray .. “Set a watch oh Lord, over my mouth!”


4 thoughts on “THE BOOK OF NUMBERS. Gossip Spreads Against Moses.

  1. Thank you Heather, gossip is not only an ancient problem as we see above but a modern day one too!

    The tongue certainly can cause a raging fire of trouble.

    Although the murmurings first start in the heart, we definitely need to keep short accounts with the Lord so this doesn’t happen!
    Bless you sweet friend, ❤️

  2. Thank you Jennifer for reminding us just how insidious gossip can be. I know despite my efforts I can easily slip into this mindset.

    1. Bless you Donna. I think we all need to have a fresh reminder of what gossip does to destroy people’s lives. Thankyoufor your comment. Heather Dalzell.

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