THE BOOK OF NUMBERS! The Brass Serpent..


A wonderful picture of the .. CROSS OF CALVARY.

Please read Num 21:4.

Here we see in the narrative that the people complained against their diet of Manna, they called it “detestable” and tell Moses how much they loathe it. “Yuck!” they said, as they screwed up their faces in disrespect.

So we see them sin against God and against Moses. (again!)

Immediately, God sent fiery, (burning) serpents among them and they bit the people and many lsraelites died, from the very young, to the very old.

Can you emagine the screaming, the panic in the camp, people were attacked in their tents, while eating, while sleeping in their beds, while washing their utensils. Deadly Snakes were intruding everywhere! They silently slithered between the bedclothes and slid over the legs of children.

People that had spoken against God were dying off at a great rate, nobody could escape.

Punishment was twofold .. Pain then Death!

Next we see SUPPLICATION, (earnestly intreating the Lord.)

“Forgive us.” (Confession of sin)

Then there is Salvation in the Brazen Serpent and a Look of Faith, also two fold.

The look was not a casual glance .. The Hebrew text here means ..

( Look attentively, expectantly, with a steady absorbing gaze )

Jesus said in John 3:14,15.

“As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of man be lifted up. And whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have Eternal Life,” (Live forever.)

Sadly, today the world is full of sin, and sin fills the earth with pain, then followed by death. Physical and Spiritual death.

Today, Salvation is in Christ. Your look is not just a fleeting glance; it is a God honouring, God-answered, fixed, and an absorbing gaze!

The brazen serpent was prescribed by God. So is the cross of Calvary, appointed Divinely as a means of Salvation.

It was the only Appointed Remedy. So is the cross of Christ the ‘only’ way to be saved.

Acts 4:12.” There is salvation in ‘none’ other.”

“It was Conspicuous. It was erected high in the centre of the camp. Our Lord also was lifted up upon the cross of Calvary .. for all to see!

It’s All Sufficient. It availed wherever man was bitten. So there is provision in the cross of Christ for all manner of sin.

It Availed, no matter how serious a man’s condition. So the cross saves the worst of sinners (even you) and there is no hint in any case where it failed!
So the cross never fails.

Come to the cross today.

It still has Power to save your soul!

It also delivers your.. body and heals your emotions .. once and for all.

It was intended as a Lesson for Israel. They must look at the very thing that caused them pain.

So the cross reminds us that we are sinners and it brings Salvation simultaneously.

Each person must look for Christ Himself, no-one else can save you.

It is very personal thing, but not private!

“You must (openly) confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, then you ..

SHALL BE SAVED!! Roms 10:9,10-13.

Finally, there was no hint of gradual or a delayed cure.
So it is with the Cross. You must look to the ‘Christ of the Cross,’

believe He shed His blood for you.

Ask Him to save you from SIN.. Forgiveness is yours and you receive,
ETERNAL LIFE! (Instantly)

Why dont you receive Him today?

Here is a prayer you can pray.

Lord Jesus, I am a sinner, l believe you died for me and rose again. Please forgive my sin and save my soul. Fill me with the Holy Spirit .. l surrender all that I am over to You.



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