THE BOOK OF NUMBERS. The End of Wandering.



We are now in chapter Twenty of the book of Numbers which is in line with the end of the ‘Wandering.’ In this chapter see significantly grouped together..

The death of Miriam is first mentioned, (with no mourning)

The sin of Moses .. at the waters of Meribah-Kadesh.

The death of Aaron .. It was because of Moses’ lapse here at Meribah that he was denied leading the nation into Canaan, and into the Promised Land. What a great disappointment for Moses.

This is the end of the wandering.

Yet Aaron, the representative of the Priesthood could not lead Israel into promised rest.

Nor could Miriam the representative of the Prophets.

Nor could Moses the representative of the Law.

This was reserved for Joshua, who in a unique way was a type of the Heavenly Saviour and Captain of our Salvation.

The Lord Jesus Christ.

You may have wondered why the punishment from God was so harsh upon Moses?

Moses was told by God to ‘speak’ to the rock but he exasperatingly ‘struck it twice.’

Admittedly he was utterly frustrated by the behaviour of the people .. but he disobeyed God’s direct command and God called it, ‘rebellion.’

See Num 19:8, then Numbers 20:24.

The rock is a representation of ‘Christ.’ 1 Cor 10:4.

To strike the rock twice would imply that the sacrifice ofJesus’ once and for all” would not be sufficient!

The first strike was not a mighty demonstration of Moses’s faith! It was a rebellious act.

The second stroke also came from the flesh of Moses. It had no miraculous power at all as God’s Great power was not in it.

The first strike and the second one, were not what God had commanded. He said to Moses ..”SPEAK to the Rock!”

Striking and not speaking, on Moses’s part was impatient, impulsive, emotional and unbelieving.

He spoke when he should have kept quiet, condemning the people. “Listen, you rebels!” he shouted.

Then when he should have spoken (to the rock and not to the people) He ‘struck the rock,’ twice!!

The Rod of God this time was an instrument used to ‘assemble’ the people together, not to strike the rock.

Maybe Moses looked to the ‘Rod’ as God’s instrument of power to bring the water from the rock, as it seems that many marvellous miracles were accomplished by it.

The sea was opened.

Enemies were conquered.

Egyptians were destroyed never to be a powerful nation again, yet we can only assume the reasons for his disobedience.

However despite Mose’s action, the water still gushed from the rock.

I call this, ‘the Grace of God’ His Grace overflowing toward Israel. And spiritually, the Living Water still flows today.

Even we were undeserving sinners Christ died for us.

You who are thirsty, Come to the Water of Life .. and drink from the wells of Salvation and Live!

What can we learn from Moses’s transgression?

For me, l would conclude ..

Do not allow people to bring you the point of sheer exasperation, where you allow your emotions to decide for you.

There must be a cut-off point from those who continue to cause you to sin and it maybe sooner than you anticipate.
Let us all be aware and very careful!


Also touching on obedience, when I was a child we were taught to obey immediately our parents instructions. There were no excuses for us to delay doing that thing.
If we didn’t do as we were told, there were consequences!

I’m glad we learned that principle as it is good thing, and much easier to obey the Lord God.

Many people walk around today with authority problems and will not obey their Parents, Teachers, their Boss, the Police, the Dr, the Government, and especially their Pastor and of course, the Word of God. (God given authority)

They say, “No-one will tell me what to do.”

These are a hurting individuals who need to know Jesus and gladly submit to Him.

(Corrupt authority is another thing, we cannot discuss that at this time, as there are are different steps we can take when people are abusive or controlling.)

These people walk the streets with attitude, and have fewer friends than most people.

Moses pleaded with God to reverse his sentence. Yet God kept His word.

Moses was allowed to see the land of Promise, yet only from a distance. It is amazing that his eyes could focus that far upon the Promised Land in his old age. The views were magnificent !

His heart ached with the dull pain of disappointment.

But, The Lord never holds grudges!

and we see in the New Testament that Moses appeared with Elijah on the mount of Transfiguration to encourage our Lord Jesus!!

Some of you might remember the old song we used to sing.





“If you are one of those people who ar carrying deep hurt in your heart, come to Christ. He will redirect your life and bring people across your path whom you can trust.

He said , “Come unto me all you are laden down with heavy burdens and I will give you rest.”

Or you may have rebelled .. doing everything your own way.

Repent and come to Jesus!

“Once you submit to Him, You will find it easier to forgive and come under the authority of others.



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