THE BOOK OF JOSHUA. The Victory of Faith.


Let look once more as the wall’s of Jericho come crumbling down under the Mighty Hand of God.


This conquest shows us how faith ..

Works .. Waits .. and ..Wins.
Faith ascertains the Will and the Word of the Lord.

FAITH’S rule of action is to obey that WILL and the WORD implicitly then you can count it as good as done.

Maybe you have been praying for something for long time, and you think that God has not heard your prayers.
Then I suggest that you start ‘giving thanks’ for the answer instead. Put your faith into action.

Faith sees it done! Faith principles of Action cuts right across Natural Reason!

Natural Reason deems it useless to watch Israel winding around and around the city walls to the blowing of rams horns.

Yet with the Spiritual inner Wisdom nothing could be wiser than to do just what God Himself directed however strange it may seem!

Here we see God And Man in cooperation for the Pulling down of strongholds of satan.

With one Blow of the trumpet, and a Mighty shout from Israel .. the city was, laid low,

without one casualty in lsrael!

This is triumph indeed!

Are you at this present time wanting to step out in faith into a new venture or calling?

Cooperate with God, you will triumph.
And then you will enter your land of blessing.

What are some of the prayers for which you have been praying for such a long time, and there seems to be no answer?

Allow me to suggest that you pray Prophetic prayers. Pray the Word of Truth into that situation. Pray what God has already spoken!! Then you will see answers to your prayers.

Maybe you have pleading for ages for a loved one to be saved.

It may be a long term illness, and you’re growing tired and weary of asking Him to heal you over and over again. Thank Him that Jesus took all your sicknesses and by His stripes you are healed!!

Maybe it’s that prodical son or daughter who has wandered far from God and you worry so, as things seem to be getting worse.

Is it an addiction that has entrapped you?

Are these are your walls of Jericho?

Cross your Jordan, and leave fear, unbelief behind you on the river bed.
Cast off unforgiveness, bitterness and resentment and don’t build a memorial unto them.

Forgive and Forget all the hurts, then walk out of the river of the past as ‘More than a Conqueror’ through Jesus Christ our Lord, giving thanks to the Lord that He ‘has’ answered your cries.



12 thoughts on “THE BOOK OF JOSHUA. The Victory of Faith.

  1. May we continue to be faithful in our prayers … “Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in time we will reap if we do not grow weary.” (Galatians 6:9, NASB)

      1. Yes Michele. That’s why the Lord says we are not to be weary in well doing. Keep up your walking you will reap if you faint not. Love ❤️ in Christ.

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