1.THE BOOK OF JOSHUA. The Fall of Jericho. The Enemie’s Perspective.

The discovery of lsrael’s spies, that had come and gone from Jericho, caused much fear to come upon the people and their King.

What would happen next? No-one knew!

So the king of Jericho ordered the gates to be shut and barred with timber.
Citizens, farmers, soldiers were all safely inside. Sheep, goats and cattle and fresh barley were plenteous. All types of weapons were at their disposal.
Jericho was ready, either war, or a long siege.
Yes, Jericho was ready .. and would endure!

The King was restless and he paced the wall all night. He constantly lifted up his voice to Asherah .. the mother of seventy gods and Baal .. consort of El.
He wondered in his heart, “Would Asherah protect them from the fury of the desert breed, the Israelites who had come from Egypt and had conquered every enemy she met?”

At dawn, the sky slowly turned into brilliant daylight, colours of red orange and yellow, and the sun appeared upon the horizon in all of its glory.

The citizens of Jericho rose to wash, eat and make ready for what may happen.
On the wall the King and his soldiers that were keeping watch, heard a soft rhythmic beating, a pulsing of the earth. He could feel it in his bones.

Then in the horizon he could see a cloud billowing from the distant earth.
He shouted, “IS THIS ISRAEL ?”
“YES, GET READY!” Warriors rushed to their allotted posts.
Here they come,” one man sounded the alarm. So Jericho made herself ready.

Israel came toward them in perfect order, but they did not come too close. Then they suddenly turned parallel to the city wall. Not “one” soldier looked at the city as they were commanded to gaze straight ahead and …

( I think that this was the first time that Israel completely obeyed God!)

Israel in a file marched around the city. They were calm, confident and controlled. The only sound that Jericho heard was the marching feet and the shrilling trumpets that tore the air apart.

Jericho shivered in fear!

They could see the Ark of God carried by their priests, two before and two after. It was a box of brilliant gold that represented Israel’s God.

“The True and Living God ” The God who wasMighty in Battle.”

Once the circumference was completed, Israel turned back to Gilgal. This happened for six days. On the seventh day, Israel circled the city, not just once but seven times, from dawn to dusk.


There was the sound of Ram’s horns again. but this time, it rose to the shrieking of eagles.
Then Israel sounded their battle cry and began to race toward the city ..

Then the walls of Jericho began to shudder and when Israel was about an arrow shot away, they cracked at every joint, even at the fortified areas and collapsed, killing many people below.

Every fighting soldier of Israel ran straight before him .. AND TOOK THE CITY !

They utterly destroyed the city and all that was in it .. Men, women, young and old, all with the edge of the sword. Every live animal was slaughtered and Jericho was burnt with fire.

Except!! One family, the family of Rahab .. Her house unscathed, stood firm and tall amongst the rubble. She and her family were rescued as promised by Israel.

Christian, we are also commanded to fight the good fight with all our might. We are to fight the fight of FAITH, 1 Tim 6:12.

We war against principalities of evil, against the deadly enemy of our souls, satan!

Through Jesus, We have the POWER and the AUTHORITY over satan and his hordes.

Put on the full ARMOUR of God. Eph 6:10-18.
Then having done all, STAND !!



The walls of worry, fear and depression.

The walls of anger, bitterness and resentment.

The walls of shame, guilt and blame.

Every wall in your life is reduced to rubble.

Now allow the WIND OF THE SPIRIT to blow the dust away!!


Amen .

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