3.THE BOOK OF JOSHUA.The Sin of Achan.


During the great battle of Jericho, there was one man .. one disobedient and deceitful man. The only man that had in his mind that he would profit from this war.

Achan looked .. and he saw .. then he took !!

He stole the things that were devoted to destruction by God. He was the only person that kept for himself the accursed things.

What accursed thing do you have hidden away in your life? Is it a Habit that you have chained to your body, or Pornography , or Alcohol or Drugs or a secret Lover? You can be forgiven but the consequences still will remain.

Doing this, little did Achan know, that he accrued a curse upon himself and his family, and the whole nation of Israel.

See Chapter 6:1,19-26. The gold and silver he took, belonged to God and was devoted to the treasury of the Lord.

The stunning Babylonian garment represented Babylonia with all of its sinful practices. It represented adultery, idolatry, demonic worship, witchcraft and many other heathen practices.

Achan had broken the tenth commandment.
When he did confess, he said, “I Wanted them, so much.”

He knew the commandment that said..


The spirit behind his need to ‘get rich quick’ was the seductive’ Spirit of ..Covetousness.’
If you have this spirit driving you to dishonesty, you need to repent, ask God forgiveness and through the Blood of Jesus break it off your life. Then return what you have stolen.

This reminds me of Ananias and Saphira in the book of Acts, who committed the same trespass. Acts 5:1-3.

This sin cost them their own lives. God himself judged them and they died at His own Hand .. In Church!! Read it!

This is so sad, as this couple were experiencing the outpouring of God’s blessings financially, but they could not wait!

The same applies to Achan, Israel was promised by God that they would have houses full of beautiful things, that were not their own.

These were ..

The wonderful land that God promised, luscious fruit trees, green pasture, flocks of sheep, cattle that were fat and well bred .. Yet Achan couldn’t wait!

As the Scriptures say, “No man sins unto himself.” As previously mentioned there are consequences of unconfessed sin.
Read chapter 7:3-4.

The battle of Jericho so easily won, seemed to cause complacency and some ‘over confidence’ in Joshua and his leaders.

Joshua did not consult with God before he sent a small contingent of troops to attack the city of Ai.
The conquest seemed easy.

Ai’s troops were expectant and ready for Israel’s attack and chased, all 3,000 of them as far as the distant quarries and 36 men were killed.

The hearts of Israel melted and courage trickled away as water melts ice in the warmth of the sun. Everyone became discouraged, including Joshua and they all blamed God for the defeat.

Israel’s leaders, tore their clothes and threw dust on their heads! (a common gesture of grief and despair) then fell on their faces before the ark of God.

Joshua was at a loss of what to do next. He was worried what their neighbours, the Canaanites would do once they heard of Israel’s defeat by Ai.
God’s promises and His Name were now at stake. See Numbers 14:13-1.



It was abrupt, stern, and outwardly an unsympathetic answer. Joshua needed to act swiftly and decisively.

Achan’s sin had made all Israel liable to destruction.
Can you understand how your sin affects your family and those close to you. Think about the verse that warns ..


Num 32:23. You cannot hide it. God sees all! .. He knows your very thoughts.

Read how God told Joshua to search for the offender and reveal to all Israel who it may be.
See Chapter 7:14-26.

Joshua followed God’s instructions and by a process of illimination.


Joshua looked at Achan .. but Achan kept his head bowed. “Tell me, and give praise to the Lord, what have you done, hide it no more.”

Achan answered Joshua, “Indeed I have sinned against the Lord,” and confessed his sin.


They are hidden underground in my tent.”

God had not been angry without reason.

His people must be holy.

Trifling with things that belonged to Him reveals rebellion against God Himself, and such sin always brings .. trouble upon God’s people. ( The name of the valley was called ‘ACHOR’ meaning ‘TROUBLE’)


Achan his wife and family and everything he posseessed including the stolen goods were judged and destroyed. Israel stoned them with stones and burnt them with fire, and they were buried in the valley of Achor.

Then the Lord was no longer angry with Israel, and He gave a strategy for war to Joshua, which gave them complete victory over Ai, and utterly destroyed them.

Paul the Apostle warns us not to allow sin to rule in our mortal bodies. Sin is a cancer that eats away at your life and brings spiritual death, so let’s confess our sins to Jesus Christ, because..

“He is Faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness” He was the only One who could pay the price for sin.
I John 1:9.

How do you stand before a Holy God?

Pray..”Father God I am a sinner and I cannot hide this any longer. Please forgive me, change me into the person you have designed me to be.

Fill me with the Holy Spirit and lead me into the paths of righteousness..I pray this in the Name of the Lord Jesus.”


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