THE BOOK OF JUDGES. Victory at the Hands of Jael.

Deborah promised that she would accompany Barack to Mt Tabor, and she kept her word.

As his army waited in anticipation for the command to advance, they remembered her voice of authority saying,
“God has gone before you, go now and fight the enemies of the Lord.”

Barack’s voice thundered… “CHARGE!”
So they furiously ran down the mountain of Tabor to face their foe.

Above them, thick dark bluish grey clouds gathered .. soon lighting flashed, and thunder roared… then came a deluge of rain that caused the river Kishon to overflow it’s banks.
The winds caused the rain to almost blind them.

The ground turned into mud, and the water rose so quickly that horses, and chariots, and men, were swepted down the river. Many of the Canaanites drowned in the raging waters on that fateful day.

Barack and his men pursued… not one of Israel’s enemies was left alive… except their Commander Sisera! He was not among the slaughtered, for at an opportune time, during the confusion of the fighting, he jumped clear from his swirling iron chariot into the torrent and made his way to the shore.

Let us take a little time out of our story and have a closer look at the character of Barack.
He was honoured by God in Hebrews chapter 11 in the “Great Hall of Faith.”

He ran down the hills of Mt Tabor knowing that God had spoken through Deborah and now his confidence was in God alone and not her. He had transferred his faith from her to GOD ALONE!

As he ran, he filled his lungs with the air of great courage. “God has already won this war” was utmost in his mind. His entire body was empowered by the Holy Spirit. It was as if he was… running on air… not a trace of tiredness!

He also called to his mind that Deborah also said, that the Canaanite army would fall at the “hands of a woman,” and wondered how this would come about.

Dear reader, we also must encourage ourselves in the Lord, during the challenges of life.


DO HIS WILL. ( By Faith)

TRUST HIS WORD. ( In Obedience)

Then God will raise up the necessary people to carry out His purposes through you.

Our story so far: Through the blinding rain, the strong winds and muddying slosh, Sisera ran for his life!
(He is the coward in this story, not Barack.)

Sisera ran toward Hazor the city of Jabin. As he ran, having not tasted any food for some time, he became weaker and weaker and his strength began to fail.
He stumbled into the camp of Heber. These people were his allies, so he could find asylum here.

But he found only women in the camp, and which greatly comforted him.

Moreover, when Jael, the wife of Heber, the Kenite, heard his story of defeat, she invited him into her own tent for refuge and rest. He gladly staggered inside.
“Don’t be afraid,” she said.

Her whole manner was kind and consoling. He was tense and tired.

He panting said, “What if Barack comes here looking for me?”
She glanced around the tent, then spoke gently, “lie here on the ground, I’ll cover you with this rug.” Her voice whispered in tones of feminine sympathy.

“As for Barack, I will tell him I am alone.”

As Sisera relaxed, he felt so thirsty. Dry-mouthed, he croaked.”Please give me some water to drink.”
Jael sweetly smiled at him, shook her head, and said,” Sir, better than water, I have milk to relax and replenish your strength.”

She gave him some curdled milk (Yoghurt).
He drank it and soon… he fell fast asleep.

Milk is an excellent source of high-quality protein and different fats. It is known as natures lullaby due to it’s ingredients that induce sleep. These sleep-supporting compounds, include..
Tryptophan, Serotonin, Melatonin, Magnesium and Calcium. Milk also contains nutrients
such as Phoserous, Potassium, vitamin B and D.
Plus it is an excellent source of Protein.

The Amino Acid Tryptophan plays an important role in the production of the neurotransmitter that releases Serotonin, which induces sleep and relieves stress and anxiety (as in the case of Sisera.)

Yet Jael had another plan!

She took a tent peg that was easily available.. (Women put up the tents and took them down. It was an eastern custom in those times, and was expected of every woman.)

She crept softly and slowly, toward the sleeping General, with a peg in one hand and a mallet in the other.

Oh dear, how GRUESOME!

Jael quietly raised her right hand that held the mallet, and placed the nail closely to the temple of his head… took a deep breath, waited… then suddenly…

Whack! Umph!
She drove the nail through bone, sinew, brain and brawn into the head of the General and pinned his head to the ground! The sleeping warrior died instantly, his warm, red blood oozing onto the ground beneath.

JAEL CHOSE JUSTICE FOR THE ISRAELITES, though her husband was an ally with the Canaanites, which meant She had some explaining to do!

Jael was a hero in the sight of all Israel, fulfilling Deborah’s PROPHESY. Read Judges chapters 4.5.

Barack arrived in persuit of the enemy and saw Sisera dead in a pool of his own blood, just as Deborah had said.
Sisera was indeed slain by the hands of a woman.

Our Application…


A prayer you can pray…

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