Please read Matt 1:16, 21,23. All around today, there is disillusionment and unrest of the soul. People have lost sight of who Jesus is. He is “God with us.” He is the only answer to man’s most profound need.

In the first chapter of Matthew, Jesus has the title “CHRIST” That title (Greek Christos) is, of course, the New Testament correspondent to the Old Testament.

“MESSIAH” is Hebrew (Mashiyach), and both mean…


In the Old Testament, there were three classes of Special Anointing.

In the four Gospels, He is the anointed “Prophet” preaching to the people.

In the Acts of the Apostles and the Epistles (letters), He is the ascended “Priest” interceding for the people.

In the book of Revelation, He is the returned “King” reigning over the people. Not only is He, Prophet, Priest, and King, He is your personal friend, “Jesus.”

Have another look at verse 21 again. He is Jesus because He will save His people from their “sins.” Best of all, HE IS OUR SAVIOUR! He presents real Salvation by Grace. Ephesians 2:8,9.

If you have no peace in your life, and you possess everything else, and you feel your most profound need is unfulfilled. If you struggle with the guilt of sin and its shame, Jesus is Your answer!

It is not in your religious observance how much you give to the poor or that you don’t drink, tell lies, swear and chase the opposite sex!

The Answer is in Jesus. He will save you from ‘all’ of your sins. He changes your life and fulfills your destiny, giving you a future and hope. He promises to fill your life with His life, bringing His love, joy, peace, and satisfaction.

At this time, people are using different reasons to put more effort into celebrating Christmas. With more colourful decorations 🎀 and brighter lights. Delicious food and coming together after a long absence. When it is all over, what Then? Do you realize that the World offers Santa as a replacement for God?

Look at the words to this song.

“Santa Clause is Coming to town.”

“He knows when you are asleep, He knows when you’re awake.

He knows when you are good or bad. (DOES HE)

So be glad for “GOD’S” sake.” (That is the original saying)


“Jesus Christ is coming, and His reward is with Him, to give to every man according to the works he has done! Jesus is coming again!”

“Jesus is coming,”

“Jesus Christ is coming,”


Put your faith in His first coming to this earth.

Put your trust in His Life, Death, and His Resurrection.

Ask Him to save you now!

He will change your life and give you hope, then believe in His Second Coming.

Be expectant.

HE IS COMING SOON! Where the Government shall be upon His Shoulders, and “HE SHALL REIGN FOR EVER AND FOREVER!

You will not need to protest under His Government!

Here is a prayer for you to pray.

“Lord Jesus Christ, I am a sinner, and l cannot save myself. Thank you for coming to this earth to bring Salvation to all who will believe. I believe and confess that you died willingly and shed your Blood on the cross of Calvary, that you Rose Again, conquering Sin, Death, and Hell.

Come into my life now, forgive me, and save me. l, receive You as my Lord and Saviour.

Please fill me with the Holy Spirit and grant me the power to live for you. I pray this in the Name of Jesus.” Amen

(Why don’t you send this to someone you know that needs Jesus)

Have a blessed Christmas.


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  1. Beautiful Heather..and if in Gid planning..I am holding to send this post to someone.. bless you..x

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