THE BOOK OF JOSHUA! Entering The Land.

ENTERING THE LAND. Remember that the key thought of the book of Joshua is .. THE VICTORY OF FAITH! GOD had called Joshua as the next leader of lsrael, as Moses had died. In Joshua’s name means “Jehovah our Savio ur.” The thing to remember is that .. his commission was grounded upon the Word of God. He was obedient to that call by faith. It was not a call based upon human reasoning. OnceContinue reading “THE BOOK OF JOSHUA! Entering The Land.”

THE BOOK OF JOSHUA! The Promised land.

THE PROMISED LAND. The first five books of Genesis lead lsrael ‘up to’ Canaan and Joshua compliments these by leading lsrael ‘into’ Canaan. He describes, ISRAEL’S SETTLEMENT IN CANAAN. This book covers a period of twenty-five years and describes one of the most memorable conquests in History. The occupation of this small strip of land is scarcely larger than Wales. The author is .. according to Jewish tradition, Joshua himself. He is the focal figureContinue reading “THE BOOK OF JOSHUA! The Promised land.”


THE CENTRAL MESSAGE OF DEUTERONOMY. HOW FAITHFUL IS OUR GOD? Here are some scriptures that answer our question. Psalm 33:4. “For the Lord is Upright, and all His work is done in .. Faithfulness.” 1 Corinthians 1:9 “God is Faithful, by our Lord.” Hebrews 10:23. “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He that who promised is Faithful.” God is Gracious ..Wise and Righteous in His dealings with Israel inContinue reading “THE BOOK OF DEUTERONOMY”


THE COVENANTS . There are many covenants in the Bible. Today we look at two offered to lsrael.The first Covenant. This was given to Israel at Mt Sinai to Moses.The second Covenant was given to the new generation of Israel at Moab. Obedience brought privileges and disobedience brought penalties.And we know that Israel kept not the Laws, the Statutes and the direct Commandments, which brought about both the Dispersion of the people, and Desolation ofContinue reading “THE BOOK OF DEUTERONOMY! The new Covenant.”

THE BOOK OF DEUTERONOMY! ‘Place’ and a ‘Person’.

A PLACE AND A PERSON. The old Testament placed it’s emphasis .. on a Place, I and the New Testament .. on a Person. In O.T. there was one special place of Sacrifice .. of Worship .. of God’s Divine Presence. Please read .. Deut 12:10-14. ”There shall be a PLACE where the Lord your God shall choose to cause His Name to dwell there. To the Hebrew, nearness to Jerusalem and to the TempleContinue reading “THE BOOK OF DEUTERONOMY! ‘Place’ and a ‘Person’.”