THE BOOK OF JUDGES. Victory at the Hands of Jael.

Deborah promised that she would accompany Barack to Mt Tabor, and she kept her word. As his army waited in anticipation for the command to advance, they remembered her voice of authority saying, “God has gone before you, go now and fight the enemies of the Lord.” Barack’s voice thundered… “CHARGE!” So they furiously ran down the mountain of Tabor to face their foe. Above them, thick dark bluish grey clouds gathered .. soon lightingContinue reading “THE BOOK OF JUDGES. Victory at the Hands of Jael.”


The Spirit of the Lord had filled Gideon as a body fills a garment. He sounded the warrior horn of war and the clan of Abiezer rose up, ready to fight. Likewise, Gideon sent messengers throughout Manasseh, Asher, Zebulun and Naphtali. Men came from all four tribes with tents and weapons to follow him. This army, Gideon led to the Spring of Harod, somewhere south of the hill where Midian lay encamped in the valley.Continue reading “GOD’S CHOICE OF AN ARMY.”

THE BOOK OF JUDGES.Gideon Encounters God.

GIDEON.. HE SPEAKS TODAY! Among the COMPROMISE and CORRUPTION of Israel in the time of Judges we do have men and women who remained faithful to GOD and His ways. They were.. “LIGHTS in the DARKNESS.” “STREAMS in the DESERT and .. “TREES planted by the RIVERS of WATER.” It does us good to read of those perilous times and learn that our choices of today can lead us away from God .. and theContinue reading “THE BOOK OF JUDGES.Gideon Encounters God.”

THE BOOK OF JUDGES. Gideon’s Transformation.

Again we read .. Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord, and God handed them over to the MIDIANITES. So cruel were these people that Israel hid from them in mountains, caves, and strongholds. They had stripped bare the land of everything that sustained Israel. They rode Camels! They would ride sixty miles a day and they could carry away enormous amount of produce away over 200 miles. A SPIRITUAL INNER CHANGE INContinue reading “THE BOOK OF JUDGES. Gideon’s Transformation.”

THE BOOK OF JUDGES. Samson’s Victorious Death.

Samson, day after day continued his imprisoned existence, working tediously at the prison mill, pushing in circles the heavy machinery at the strength of an ordinary man, with absolutely no sight!! His whole body was wracked with pain. One thing that the Philistines forgot to check, was his hair! So at about the rate of about a half an inch a month it grew and grew, unnoticed in the dark prison yard. There came aContinue reading “THE BOOK OF JUDGES. Samson’s Victorious Death.”