THE BOOK OF GENESIS! Noah’s Obedience.

THE FLOOD. NOAH’S OBEDIENCE! There is not much information between the Fall and the Flood. The sixteen hundred years are packed into a few pages. The writer is more concerned with the moral significance of events. There is almost a dramatic development from the fall to the flood. Let us mark it clearly. In chpContinue reading “THE BOOK OF GENESIS! Noah’s Obedience.”

THE BOOK OF GENESIS! The Seed of Hope.

“THE FALL.”Cont..THE RESULTS of the FAll.Satan had told Eve that their eyes would be opened and they would know “both good and evil”It happened!What an eye opener!What a knowing!They knew they were naked!There was no more innocence!They experienced Shame!They tried to cover themselves with fig leaf coverings! Change occured in the human body. It couldContinue reading “THE BOOK OF GENESIS! The Seed of Hope.”

THE BOOK OF GENESIS. Results of the fall.

THE RESULTS OF THE FALL. What were the results of the Fall? Firstly, let us read verses 7-14.Have a look at these points. Satan said, “Your eyes will opened (spiritual eyes) and you will know the difference between good and evil.” verse 5.There was a mocking fulfilment, immediately!Their eyes certainly were opened and they knew!..ButContinue reading “THE BOOK OF GENESIS. Results of the fall.”