THE BOOK OF GENESIS. Sacrifice of Isaac cont…

ISAAC A WILLING SACRIFICE Today we pick up from our last lesson..When they came to the place, Abraham bent and built an altar. Both Father and Son were now silent. The old man laid the wood on the altar. Then he carefully and gently bound his Son, then lifted him up and laid him on the altar. Nothing was spoken, because Isaac trusted his father and his father trusted his God! Abraham picked up hisContinue reading “THE BOOK OF GENESIS. Sacrifice of Isaac cont…”

THE BOOK OF GENESIS! Isaac, the child of Promise. The Sacrifice of Isaac.

ISAAC..”THE CHILD OF PROMISE.” He is the miracle baby promised to Abraham and Sarah. She was purposely overhearing the conversation between Abraham and his visitors at the tent door. Sarah laughed too loud and revealed her unbelief. She is heard, but denies it. The Lord said “Sarah you laughed,” She said, “l didn’t,” God replied, “No! but you did laugh.” Sarah’s face turned pink! She is reminded again that God previously had said to Abraham,Continue reading “THE BOOK OF GENESIS! Isaac, the child of Promise. The Sacrifice of Isaac.”

ABRAHAM’S JOURNEY! The journey of faith.

THE JOURNEY OF FAITH. ”So Abraham departed, as the Lord had spoken” Gen 12:4. Abraham was one of the greatest men in history. No man had received greater promises from God. He was known by his great faith and his personal character. He was called ..”A FRIEND OF GOD” because he..Believed God! We can learn many lessons by studying his personal history. ”HIS CALL OF FAITH” There are three interesting verses in the next twoContinue reading “ABRAHAM’S JOURNEY! The journey of faith.”

THE BOOK OF GENESIS! Babel Dispersion.

THE BABEL DISPERSION. We must not think of these times as primitive. Indications are that it was a most remarkable civilisation that our race has ever known. Humans lived to great age. Language was uniform. Communication with God was freer than earlier on. To get some hints from these times read Genesis, 4:20-22. But that first civilisation with its accumulations of knowledge and experience, it’s treasures of art and literature, it’s agricultural and industries, isContinue reading “THE BOOK OF GENESIS! Babel Dispersion.”


GOD’S JUDGEMENT UPON MAN IN THE DAYS OF NOAH.”SO WILL IT BE AT THE COMING OF THE SON OF MAN”Let us look back at those days when Noah lived. You can read more about the condition of the earth in Gen cpt 7. The moral condition was appalling, corruption was extreme. Man had rejected God and lived a depraved evil life far from God. THE WORLD TODAY Isn’t this true of our world today. TheContinue reading “THE BOOK OF GENESIS..Noah’s Days.”