Hi! My name is Heather Dalzell, l’m enjoying the golden years of my life..
   I have been very much aware of God since I was very young child. Jesus became my Lord and Saviour at the age of eight. He heard my prayers then, and He still does today.

I attended school and after that entered into an apprenticeship in Hairdressing. I worked in this capacity for fifteen years.

Following this occupation,God called me into the ministry, so I entered Bible College for training. I was not sure in what capacity He would use me.

I was led to the the position of a deaconess and worked in different departments of a local church for four years.

It was at this time that I had a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit and was baptized into His Presence.

From there I spent some time in America observing a very large church, attending lectures in their Bible college, I learned some very valuable lessons, especially practical evangelism.

Soul winning was already in my blood line from many past generations of Evangelists and Pastors..God’s gift!

After that, I helped various keen Pastors pioneer five new churches.
At this time in my life, now single at age thirty seven,I met and married my beloved husband..The Rev John Dalzell, a true man of God. I have two courageous, delightful children who also love the Lord.

We enjoyed ten wonderful years of marriage, then he was promoted to Glory in 1990.This was a difficult time, but the Lord comforted me and gave me a “future and a hope”. I am, looking forward to the soon coming of Jesus where we will reunite..Forever!

Jesus has taken all my grief and sorrow and filled me with an expectant Joy.

Upon leaving full time ministry, I then taught piano and singing for about twenty years. I stopped teaching at the age sixty nine. The teaching ministry was a great out-reach into the Community.

It is the Word God that has guided me through many difficult times in my life and I would love to share His Word with you.

God has led me to start this blog. I pray He will bless and enrich you as you read and pray over it each week.
We will travel through certain books of the Bible, beginning at Genesis.

We will grow together in our faith and draw closer to God in sweet fellowship and communication  with Him.

                      Bless you!

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