over…… DELILAH .. Her name means, (Delicate and Languishing.) SAMSON .. His choices of a wife seemed to be only for his pleasure as a man. He loved appearance over personality! They soon were sleeping together before the marriage vows were performed. He knew he was disobedient to the Law of God that said, “Do Not intermarry into foreign Nations don’t even mix together with them.” (Also Adultery was forbidden.) See Joshua 23:12-13. SAMSON fell
You do not have to be perfect for God to use you to fulfil his purposes. OUR SETTING. THE PHILISTINES Judges 3:3.10:7. This warlike race of sea people, were of Greek ancestry, and they had settled in the South Western coastal areas of Israel about 1,200 BC. From then on Philistia was Israel’s natural enemy, and they increasingly threatened it’s national existence. Israel’s Kingship developed partly in response to the Philistine challenge. The tribe of
As you read Judges you soon discover a pattern set out to teach us that SIN AND SUFFERING do FOLLOW EACH OTHER .. But TRUE REPENTANCE AND SALVATION, BRINGS DELIVERENCE! This does not always conclude that all sickness is the result of sin. But you must put away the EVIL THING THAT SEPARATES YOU FROM GOD. (1) SIN. “THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL DID EVIL IN THE SIGHT OF THE LORD” (2) SUFFERING. “AND THE LORD
LIVING OBJECT LESSONS. It was very well taught by Moses and Joshua .. that FAITH in JEHOVAH as the ONLY TRUE GOD, was the ONLY WAY to Victory and Well Being. God had to raise up living Object Lessons to remind them of this. But the people responded so far as to serve their own selfish ways. They only wanted temporary relief itead of a permanent fix, ie .. The saving of their necks from
JOSHUA is now aged .. His words to lsrael reveals the concern of his 💓 Heart. For some years now, Israel had been waiting for the rest and plenty of Canaan. BUT WHAT OF THE FUTURE? It all depended upon whether Israel would be faithful to God. Joshua felt apprehensive .. as in his parting words he refers to the idolatrous nations still left in Canaan. He knew the snare they would be to lsrael

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  1. This has always been a strong story to me. People can be both a source of temptation and a pray to temptation. We have to be wise about what power we have, and use God’s wisdom to not abuse that power we have over other people, or let them abuse it over us.

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