JOSEPH IN THE PALACE! Second to Pharaoh. HIS EXALTATION. God had not abandoned Joseph and Pharaoh gave him a lovely wife, she was the daughter of the priest of ON and he was comforted by human companionship. Moreover by the wisdom which God had manifested in him, he accomplished all the tasks that he himself had recommended to Pharaoh. His wife bore him two sons . The first one he called “Manasseh,” meaning that “God
JOSEPH IN THE DUNGEON. Please read Cpt 39:21. As we read in our previous study, Joseph is imprisoned with all the prisoners of the King. We are reminded in verse 21.. “THE LORD WAS WITH JOSEPH, AND SHOWED HIM MERCY AND GAVE HIM FAVOUR IN THE SIGHT OF THE KEEPER OF THE PRISON.” So Joseph had charge over all the prisoners, everything was in his control .. and God prospered him. One day the Butler
JOSEPH IN POTIPHAR’S HOUSE! The captain of the guard of Pharaoh, named Potiphar purchased Joseph from the Ishmaelites. And the “Lord was with Joseph.” Soon he learned to read and write the Egyptian language .. God prospered him in everything he had to do. Potiphar could see that, the Lord “was with Joseph” and made him the head over everything that he owned. God blessed all that he did as it was in the case
RACHEL’S FIRST CHILD. We are now moving on to the wonderful life of Joseph. Stay with me as we unfold the purposes of God for Israel through him. Learn more on how to trust God in the darkness of the pit, the prisons of life. Learn to, “humble yourself under the mighty hand of God, and as Joseph .. in due time He will exalt you.” Joseph was the first child of Rachel. After nine
JACOB’S ENCOUNTER WITH ESAU. Jacob (now Israel) lifted up his eyes and saw Esau coming. He had four hundred men with him to take vengeance as he had vowed! Gen 27:41. Memories of that day of deception flooded Jacob’s mind, he was afraid! God had taken the thought of vengeance away from Esau .. yet, he somewhat enjoyed the satisfaction of having his brother bowing seven times before him! God had humbled Jacob. ESAU’S SURPRISE

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