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DOUBTING GOD. Have you ever doubted God .. not so much His existence .. but His character? Have you ever felt that He is not really interested in what is happening on this earth at present, You ask, “What about all those thousands of people who are dying at a incredible rate, Millions?” “And God, what about me?” That is what Satan, your enemy want’s you to think. He wants you to doubt God’s credibility
MOSES IN MIDIAN. Moses took employment from his father-in-law, as a shepherd of his sheep. As he was leading the flock he came from the back side of the desert to mount Horeb called “the Mountain of God.” THE BURNING BUSH. It was an amazing sight .. burning but not consumed! Then an Angel appeared to him in a flame of fire out of the middle of the bush. This actually was a direct encounter


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BORN IN TROUBLED TIMES. When Moses was born the Israelites were in bitter bondage to the Egyptians. Joseph had died and was soon forgotten as Saviour of Egypt. The Israelites were increasing abundantly, and were multiplying rapidly and were becoming exceedingly mighty in the land. (Lit .. Swarming the land.) The land was filled with them. Exodus 1:7. In the minds of the Egyptians, Israel was becoming a real threat due to their number and
JOSEPH A TYPE OF CHRIST! There are many references that speak about Joseph and Jesus, As I have said, Joseph is a true picture of Christ, let’s discover more about how much they are alike in their ministry and their experience. Wonder with me at the marvellous Acts of God through them. Jacob loved Joseph above his brothers chp 37:3. So is Jesus loved dearly, the well beloved Son in whom the Father “delights.” See
JOSEPH! .. SO MUCH LIKE JESUS! The life of Joseph is an amazing true story of a man who typifies CHRIST JESUS. The life of Joseph runs in three periods.. 1. THE BELOVED SON. 2. THE SUFFERING SERVANT. 3. AN EXALTED SAVIOUR. 1.THE BELOVED SON. He was greatly loved by his father Jacob, which caused much jealousy from his brothers. JESUS is the Well Beloved of the Father. As God delights in his Son ..


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