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THE GOLDEN CALF. To Aaron, the Glory of God was like a thick cloud of smoke and red fire, raging in the high gorges of Mt Sinai. He watched as his brother Moses strides away from Israel toward the mountain. Moses grew smaller and smaller among the huge bolders. He could see him pause for a moment, take a deep breath then wind his way upward, appearing and disappearing among the rocky crags of the

THE BOOK OF EXODUS. Mountain of God.

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As Israel travelled through the wilderness, they drew closer and closer to Horeb, the Mountian of God. It filled the entire southern sky. This grisly rough and frowning mountain whose summit was covered in angry cloud. It was not green .. it was hard, solid, unrelenting, granite rock alive with thunder and lightening. “There!” cried Moses over the noise of the thunder..”There is the place where I saw the burning bush, that did not burn!
THE CROSSING OF THE RED SEA. The children of Israel travelled north-east from Succoth. They moved at the edge of the desert and camped near Etham. God and at His own will led the people with a pillar of fire by night and a cloud by day. The fire ignited in front of their eyes and rose toward the heavens. It did not go out, but slowly moved at the pace of an old woman.

THE BOOK OF EXODUS! Israel Set free.

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ISRAEL..FREE AT LAST! After 430 years of slavery and bondage in Egypt, what did it mean to Israel to be liberated from the hold of such an ungodly nation? It meant .. A New Beginning a New Life! The calendar is altered .. April becomes January. This Exodus marked Israel’s birth as a nation. A New Liberty .. As Israel, the great host of people came out of Egypt, Moses told them. “REMEMBER THIS DAY
EXODUS and EGYPT. Think what it meant to the Egyptians as they had witnessed the awe and wonder of Israel being delivered out of their hands by the Mighty Hand of God. After all that had happened in their land, the destruction, the awful plagues that devastated the land and the terrible loss of all their first-born. See Ex12:33-36. The Egyptians urged the Hebrews to leave their land and lsrael helped themselves to precious jewels,

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  1. We can so easily get side tracked by the things of this world Heather… unless,
    We keep our focus on Jesus & look fully into His wonderful face & the things of this Earth grow strangely dim in the light of His glory & grace, as the old hymn tells us.
    Bless you sweet friend, ❤️

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