The great empires of East Assyria, Babylon, and Persia will almost exclusively occupy our attention. They all alike exercised the most significant influence upon the destiny of ancient Israel. In the records of those great World Kingdoms, the confirmations are so numerous and so convincing that the critics have to confess that here at least, THE BIBLE IS RECOGNISED AS HISTORY! The critic must retire confounded and ashamed. Israel, at this point, has become steeped
David reigned over Israel for forty years. He was a royal man, born to be a king, anointed of God, and never to be forgotten. He is mentioned throughout the Word of God because his Covenant was Everlasting between him and his God. The greatness of God and the frailty of man is contrasted in the book of Isaiah. See lsa 40:6-8. “ALL FLESH IS GRASS, AS THE FLOWER OF THE FIELD IS GOODLY.” “SHOUT
WHY DID DAVID SUCCOMB TO SUCH SIN AS ADULTERY, LIES, and DECEPTION, WHICH LED TO MURDER? David’s fall should put on Gaurd those of us who have not fallen and save from despair those who have lost. It came when David was at Ease. Kings at that time should be out at war with their men. He was physically and spiritually at ease. His prayer life was lacking, and he was enjoying his prosperity. Prayerlessness
A REGRETFUL PAST FOR DAVID. David’s sin is recorded in Chapter one of the second book of Samuel. His sin, mentioned in this Chapter, marks a sorrowful turning point in David’s life and for Israel. Idle David, after a nap, was wandering on the rooftop of his palace. His eyes lighted upon a beautiful woman bathing out in the open. Immediately she arose in him an intense sexual passion. Forgetting all that he knew from
Now entirely accepted by David, his father, Absalom acquired a chariot and horses and fifty men to run before him wherever he went, a personal bodyguard for his protection. Absalom the Deceiver. He began to rise early in the morning and stand all day at the city gate. When anyone came to Jerusalem seeking the King’s judgment on some matter. Absalom would greet them and say, “From which city have you come? ” “Which tribe do

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  1. Really great writing..may the Holy Spirit continue to guide you into a deeper and greater Truth..we are blessed by the Bible and inturn that which you send…let us feast on the Truth diligently each day..thank my mother in Christ.. amen.

  2. This is an apt summary of 2 Kings and the theme of this book! I have read it many times, but I like how you distilled it to its essence of the impact of sin in our lives. I’m so thankful Jesus gives us a way to be freed from our sins!

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