THE WAGES OF SIN BRINGS DEATH! How did the first sin enter in?That sin with all its consequences is plain for all to see. The explanation is found in Genesis cpt 3 where it all happens. 1.The TEMPTING. 2. The YEILDING. 3. The RESULTS. 4. The CONSEQUENCES First lets notice that temptation was permitted. Man had a mind and a will of his own to make choices, right or wrong, The real tragedy is that

THE BOOK OF GENESIS!The beginning!

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IN THIS BOOK OF BEGINNINGS,God is the Sovereign One.The book falls into two main parts.Cpt 1-11. We have the first part where we have four outstanding events. 1. The Creation. 2. The Flood. 3.  The Fall. 4.  The Babel Dispersion. The second part we meet four outstanding persons. 1. Abraham. 2. . Isaac 3. Jacob. 4. Joseph. It is fashionable today to disbelieve miracles.If you accept this first sentence of Scripture then you won’t find it difficult to accept

7 thoughts on “THE BOOK OF GENESIS. Eve’s Temptation!

  1. Another great post Heather on God’s Word & how it is still applicable for us today.
    We really do need to be alert to our wily enemy & his tactics! I love your following statement;
    “YOU MUST LIVE BY THE TRUTH..Then you will be Safe, JESUS IS THE TRUTH!!” Amen!
    Bless you sweet friend,

      1. God will use us mightily as we fret not! and fully trust in Him to work in us and through us. Loved your last blog.l had one of those nights last night.l think l had overdone the screen!! Bless you.

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