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JACOB’S ENCOUNTER WITH GOD! Fearing for his life, at his mother’s bidding that he should go to his relatives back east, he prepared to leave. Things should soon settle and he could return again. Isaac came to farewell his son and blessed him. So they sent him off to Laban the brother of his mother who lived in Padan-aram. He was a son of Bethuel the Syrian. Jacob had walked toward Haram. He came upon
ISAAC DECEIVED! JACOB STEALS ESAU’S BLESSING. When lsaac was old and almost blind, he called Esau into his room and said, “Son, l am old and l don’t know when I shall die, but it will be soon.” Those of us who are in our Golden years are labled as being “old” so we start thinking we are at death’s door! The thought of death plagues our minds and we talk about our infirmities, groaning


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ESAU AND JACOB’S BIRTH! THE SALE OF ESAU’S BIRTHRIGHT. Rebekah was barren and so lsaac entreated the Lord on her behalf. It was not very long after his fervent prayer she became pregnant. There was now no need for tears of regret, there were tears of joy! added to her already radiant face that lit up the room. Her husband was ecstatic with joy. The waiting was over! At three months into term Rebekah began
ISAAC A WILLING SACRIFICE Today we pick up from our last lesson..When they came to the place, Abraham bent and built an altar. Both Father and Son were now silent. The old man laid the wood on the altar. Then he carefully and gently bound his Son, then lifted him up and laid him on the altar. Nothing was spoken, because Isaac trusted his father and his father trusted his God! Abraham picked up his
ISAAC..”THE CHILD OF PROMISE.” He is the miracle baby promised to Abraham and Sarah. She was purposely overhearing the conversation between Abraham and his visitors at the tent door. Sarah laughed too loud and revealed her unbelief. She is heard, but denies it. The Lord said “Sarah you laughed,” She said, “l didn’t,” God replied, “No! but you did laugh.” Sarah’s face turned pink! She is reminded again that God previously had said to Abraham,

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  1. God really is awesome. He knows us before we were even born. How great is our God

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