THE BOOK OF GENESIS! Noah’s Obedience.


There is not much information between the Fall and the Flood. The sixteen hundred years are packed into a few pages.

The writer is more concerned with the moral significance of events.
There is almost a dramatic development from the fall to the flood.

Let us mark it clearly.

In chp 3. We have the Fall.

In chp 4. We have the ungodly line of Cain.

In chp 5. We have the Godly line of Seth. His was a pure line.

In ch 6. The two lines cross with tragic moral results.

Then in chp 7. Judgement falls from God resulting in the flood.

The condition at that time was morally corrupt and sin was rampant. So God had to once more separate good and evil. He sent the Flood and the whole Adamic race was destroyed.

But there was one man and his family
who found “Grace” in the eyes of the Lord.
Noah was a righteous man and “pure in his generations” As Enoch had, Noah walked with God. This man and his family were spared.

Note that Noah was vital, as he was the tenth man from Adam in the Messianic Line..from which our Saviour would come in the fulness of time.

Satan may do his worst and man may sink to his lowest and judgement may fall to it’s utmost depths..but the ultimate purpose of the Lord cannot be thwarted. It moves on and will triumph in the New Heaven and the new Earth where there shall be righteousness and undimmed Glory!

God had said to Noah,”I have seen you as righteous in this generation.” ch 9:1.
Noah and Enoch both walked with God during this evil corrupt time.
Enoch was translated that he would “not see death.” Heb 11:5. He is a picture of the rapture of souls who will be caught up before the Great Tribulation. 1 Thess 4:14-17.. Rev3:10.

Noah being preserved through the flood is a picture of the Israelitish people who will be preserved through the Great Tribulation. See Jer 30:5-9. Psalm 2:5. Rev 7:14.


The Ark is a type of Christ. He is called the “Ark of safety.” He is the refuge of His people from the final Judgement of God when He pours out his wrath upon the Earth at the end of time.

You may also like to know, that the pitch used to cover the Ark inside and out, Gen 6:14. also has a Spiritual significance.
The word is translated as the “Atonement.” Read Lev 17:1. It’s the Atonement that keeps out the waters of judgement and makes your position in Christ safe and blessed.

We must warn those who are not in Christ, of the final Judgement, as there is not much time left to receive Christ as their Atonment for sin.
The next time the world will not be judged by flood ..

Read 2 Peter 3:12.


THE BOOK OF GENESIS! The Seed of Hope.

“THE FALL.”Cont..THE RESULTS of the FAll.Satan had told Eve that their eyes would be opened and they would know “both good and evil”
It happened!
What an eye opener!
What a knowing!
They knew they were naked!
There was no more innocence!
They experienced Shame!
They tried to cover themselves with fig leaf coverings! Change occured in the human body. It could have been..the beginning of physical ageing..mortality..sickness and disease..
As terrible as that is, there is more to it than that. In Roms 8:3 We read that Christ came..
“In the likeness of sinful flesh.” Jesus did not have in His Body the Pristine Glory..the original glory that covered unfallen man in Eden.It was the GLORY LIGHT OF COMMUNICATION WITH GOD..Remember how Moses’s face shone after his forty days of communion with God on Mt Sinai.
Once sin entered into Eden..Glory departed..they knew they were naked! Yet worst of all..there was a tradgic inward change. There awakened a new faculty of..CONSCIENCE!
Where before was..Love..
Overwhelming Joy..and Peace.
It was now replaced with Fear..Shame and a Broken Communication with The LORD GOD. It must have Broken the Heart of God.Man was expelled..from the Garden and the ground was cursed.🥀”MERCY”The great Promise of the coming SAVIOUR is given in verse 15. “The seed of the woman would ”break” the head of the serpent.” He is cursed and Salvation through her offspring would be available to all men..who will come!”BUT WE SEE JESUS..CROWNED WITH GLORY AND HONOUR!”Pray..”Lord keep me from SIN and TEMPTATION…DELIVER ME from the evil one. FOR YOURS IS THE KINGDOM AND THE POWER AND THE GLORY..FOREVER..AMEN!”RICH BLESSINGS BE UPON YOU.Amen.

THE BOOK OF GENESIS. Results of the fall.


What were the results of the Fall? Firstly, let us read verses 7-14.
Have a look at these points. Satan said, “Your eyes will opened (spiritual eyes) and you will know the difference between good and evil.” verse 5.
There was a mocking fulfilment, immediately!
Their eyes certainly were opened and they knew!..But what an eye opening! And what a knowing!
They both knew they were no longer
naked. Nor were they innocent!

Now we notice the first appearance of shame..they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves aprons.We can thank God for the sense of shame He put into the nature of man. It has saved mankind from many repeated acts of evil. Christians need not to live with shame..Jesus took it!

Note: there was evidently change in the body. In Roms 8:3 we read Christ came in “sinful flesh”, that does not mean that Christ came with sinful flesh or that he was in any way infected with sin.
What does it mean the “likeness of sinful flesh”? It means that Jesus did not have about His body the Pristine Glory, The original glory of unfallen man in Eden.

Before the fall there was a radiant glory about the bodies of Adam and Eve..which was their resplendent covering.
They were bathed in the glory light of their communion with God.
Moses also experienced the same Glorious light when he came down from the mount of God. His Face shone! Exodus 34:30.
But immediate upon the fall..the Glory departed.
“And they knew they were naked”

Next, there was a tragic “Inward” change. There suddenly sprang into their consciousness a strange war within, where there had been peace, love and joy. There came the terror of a newly awakened Conscience.

So with the first sin came the first fear..they hid from God!

That war between good and evil still continues. We fight everyday as satan” tries” to deceive and cause us to sin.
The battle goes on in our mind, will and emotions. We battle guilt, shame, bitterness, resentment, revenge and anger and sin more, which leads to sinful, words and actions. Our will must be surrendered to the Lord and our minds renewed by the Word of God.

Stay in close communication with the Holy Spirit. God will fight for you!
Always keep in your mind that this war was won at the cross of Calvary..Satan is a defeated foe.
All you need to do is..
Man becomes alienated from God.
The reign of Spiritul Death had set in and beside all this, man is now expelled from the Garden wherein is the tree of Life.
The ground is cursed man is given headship over woman and God provides clothes for them to wear.

Yet amidst the Judgement God remembers “Mercy” and the first great promise of the coming Saviour is given.
Here in Genesis 3:15 is the promise
“THAT THE SEED OF THE WOMAN WOULD BREAK THE HEAD OF THE SERPENT.” Jesus is that seed..Satan is defeated foe, he is doomed!
Revelation 20:10.




How did the first sin enter in?That sin with all its consequences is plain for all to see.
The explanation is found in Genesis cpt 3 where it all happens.





First lets notice that temptation was permitted. Man had a mind and a will of his own to make choices, right or wrong, The real tragedy is that there was a “tempter.”

In cpt 2:17 man was put under probation, which made him liable to temptation. Mark that, only the tempter could tempt.
There “need not” to have been sin and there had been not been any reason for Eve to heed.

Eve was on her own when tempted, this is Satan’s common method. Notice that the temptation was connected with the beautiful, the desirous and it’s real character was concealed. There was a gradual strength of temptation…
First..God’s Word is” merely questioned.” verse1.

Read it carefully and take note.
Second..Gods Word was.. flatly contradicted.”
Then as the tempted one foolishly continues to listen, the very motive of the Lord is maligned. verse 5.

As for the yielding, in verse six, we see that Satan first captured the “ear,” then the “eye.”
and then the “inward desire,” and finally the “will.”
Eve allowed her ears to listen to the tempter then she set her eyes to feed on the object of temptation.
Then she allowed desire to run away with her will.

Compare verse 6 with 1John 2:16.
When the woman “saw” that the tree was “good for food.” We call this, the lust of the Flesh!
And it was “pleasing” to the eyes..
The lust of the Eyes!
And it was a tree to make a person “wise” The Pride of Life.

This first TEMPTATION and all temptations following are Satan’s great purpose to divorce the “will” of man from the “will” of God.

You need to notice that God made it easy as possible to resist the temptation. Both Adam and Eve had been forewarned of the very thing Satan sought to make them do. It was emphatic and their obedience was imperative. DON’T TOUCH!
Why? God had surrounded them with everything they Desired!
The command was plain!
Obedience was easy.
Finally it is well to compare the Genesis account of yielding with what he is doing today.
Satan is alive and well and still trying to beguile you and me, to set us up to sin against the Word of the Lord.

We have also been forewarned by God, “Don’t give place to the devil. “We must
“Resist the devil and he will flee from us. “You do “not” have to yield his deception and lies.

Read 1Tim2 :14 Eve was deceived, Adam made a clear choice!
Oh, be so careful of the Evil one, he will deceive you into thinking that It’s alright with God to commit sin.

People have said to me “God understands” “That’s why we live together” Do you pray “Lord, bless me as I rob this Bank!” Of course you wouldn’t!

God does not understand sin at all..
He Hates Sin! He commands “Do not commit Adultery.” “Do not steal.” Satan is a liar and was from the beginning. He has a way to make things “seem right” yet are sooo…Wrong!!


Keep your conscience clear and void of offence, you will not have trouble sleeping, nor have to live with Shame!



God is the Sovereign One.
The book falls into two main parts.
Cpt 1-11. We have the first part where we have four outstanding events.

1. The Creation.

2. The Flood.

3.  The Fall.

4.  The Babel Dispersion.

The second part we meet four outstanding persons.

1. Abraham.

2. . Isaac

3. Jacob.

4. Joseph.

It is fashionable today to disbelieve miracles.
If you accept this first sentence of Scripture then you won’t find it difficult to accept all the miracles that follow. The first verse in Genesis 1:1 denies all the false philosophies which man put forth.

This denies Atheism.”There is no God.”

That denies Polytheism..with the doctrine of “there are many Gods.”

That denies Evolution with its doctrine of infinite evolving.

“IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED.” That denies Fatalism with its Doctrine of Chance.

“GOD CREATED HEAVEN AND EARTH” That denies Pantheism which makes God and the Universe the same substance.

That denies Materialism which matter is eternal.
This first verse erases all humanistic error.
In the creation we have the Will of God..expressed in the Word of God and the Spirit of God!
Now God creates man in which we see that he is the Crown of all Creation. Made from the ground yet he is inbreathed by God who is”The breath of Lives”
His littleness becomes Loftiness .
His earthliness becomes his Heavenliness.

Next we see in verses 15-17.

Man is under probation (testing of a person’s character  and conduct) In verses 18-25 God had given Adam the ability  to vocally speak. God told him to name all the animals to meet a deeper need of companionship for Adam but none was found.
So God created Eve to meet this special need. Here we have the first marriage bliss in the Garden of Eden.

God created man for His glory.

This brought heart satisfaction for Adam.
Now we see the man as a Servant, the King and the Husband.This was God’s ideal, but sadly to say things dramatically change in the next chapters.

God created man for His own glory. We are his crowning Glory. The epetime of His creation.We are fearfully and wonderfully made!

His works are marvellous. Have a look at this awesome scripture in, Psl 139:14.”I will praise you: for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvellous are your works; and my soul really knows that this is right.”

When you looked into your mirror last time, how did you react.What did you think? How about when someone complimented you,what was your reply? Was it positive or negative?..Dare I ask!

God knew who your parents would be and how your grand parents would look and your great grandparents before them.

You may not like what you see in the mirror or believe what they say about you that is complimentary. God sees you as His Masterpiece and has a wonderful plan for your life.

You are a miracle of creation and when you surrender all that your are over to Christ.

He will mightily use you to fulfil the very purpose for which He made you. Dont be disappointed how you turned out.When Jesus comes back to this earth…

You will be the twinkling of an eye!

Also you will be presented to Him without spot or wrinkle or any such thing.