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HE IS CHRIST JESUS! EMMANUEL, GOD IS WITH US! Please read Matt 1:16, 21,23. All around today, there is disillusionment and unrest of the soul. People have lost sight of who Jesus is. He is “God with us.” He is the only answer to man’s most profound need. In the first chapter of Matthew, Jesus has the title “CHRIST” That title (Greek Christos) is, of course, the New Testament correspondent to the Old Testament. “MESSIAH”
HIS DEADLY DEMISE. The last tragic act in the sad drama of Saul’s decline is found in Chapters 28-31 of Samuel. Please read it for yourself. SAUL’S downgrade course ends with a visit to the Witch of Endor; he becomes a man of WEAKNESS and a DESOLATE heart. Here’s a man who once received counsel from Heaven; however, at this point, he now sought the underworld for knowledge of his future, though it was previously
HIS DISMAL DOWNGRADE. His: DEFLECTION.(turning aside). DECLENSION! (decline). DEGENERATION! (deterioration). DISASTER! (catastrophe). You will notice that Saul seemed to have everything in his favour to be a very successful king… except for one thing: his ‘will’ was not surrendered to God. He was foolishly presumptuous… and disobedient! The Story: Samuel was delayed from coming to the King at the agreed-upon time. The Philistines were closing in to attack Israel. Samuel’s instructions to Saul were to
THIS WAS NOT THE CHOICE OF SAMUEL. Let us look closer at the insistence of the people themselves, to have a human King rule over Israel.These were the Leaders and the Elders of high standing in the nation, men of influence. It seems that they were considering the matter long before they came to Samuel. As we have already noted that they were expecting Samuel to die. They wanted to have a king before he
  ALLOWED BY GOD. Saul the first King of Israel is one of the most striking yet tragic figures in the Old Testament. His story will challenge us if we are willing to learn from him. In someways he was very big. In other ways very little. In some ways commandingly handsome. In others, very ugly.    It is very sad because he began so reassuringly, but ended so wretchedly. His downward spiral, which ruined him,

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